Samudai closes $2.5M pre-seed to empower DAOs and build the contributor economy 🚀

DAOs will be a fundamental part of the future of work. Organizational structures like DAOs have emerged from Web3 and provide a new way to coordinate activity on a global scale. These organizations tie nicely into the massive growth in remote work post-pandemic and they have been looking out for tools and systems to improve remote workplace coordination and communication.

The lack of structure, knowledge management, and interconnectivity between DAOs has been a roadblock for DAO Admins to scale their DAOs, which in turn doesn’t allow them and the contributors to build a sustainable work culture. We believe this is a critical problem and needs to be addressed now.

HBR recently published that company culture is everyone’s responsibility, and in our view, DAOs present the perfect structure to implement this shared responsibility at scale. We have an array of DAO tools available at our disposal, but the fundamental design of these tools is not structured towards building the culture.

We, at Samudai, meaning “community” in Hindi, are building a platform for managing and growing communities in the Web3 ecosystem. We aim to smoothen out operational inefficiencies to enable large-scale coordination and executions among DAOs. We believe that culture will play an important role in unlocking the untapped potential of DAOs. Our platform will be fundamentally designed with features that would increase productivity and enable DAO admins and contributors to set the foundations of their community culture.

We will go beyond aggregating tasks to build a full productivity suite for DAOs, including a Web3 native Kanban board, team graphs, and an analytics dashboard, along with building a roster of talented Web3 professionals to facilitate collaboration with a proprietary verifiable reputation metric, called “Bushido”.

We are in the midst of a global cultural shift in working culture. DAOs are a major part of this shift. We have seen an explosion of interest and excitement, and now is the time to give people the tools they need. Samudai will give DAOs the tools they need to build the next-gen global work culture.

We’re grateful for having support from some of the industry’s prominent VCs and angel investors. We wholeheartedly thank them for believing in what we’re building.

VCs: FTX Ventures, Sino Global Capital, A&T Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Lunar Ventures, NxGen, Paradigm Shift Capital, and DWeb3 Capital

Angel Investors: Balaji Srinivasan (former CTO, Coinbase), Charlie Songhurst (Serial Investor), Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), Harsh Rajat (EPNS), Tamar Menteshashvili (Solana), Builders Tribe, Devfolio, Akshay BD (Superteam DAO), Tanmay Bhat (Superteam DAO), Mayur Relekar (Arcana), Jennifer Tran (Mintgate), Dermot O'Riordan (Unstoppable), Nelson Ryan (Unstoppable), Devaiah Bopanna (Superteam DAO), Keshav Dhanda (Superteam DAO), Pareen Lathia (Builders Tribe), Keyur Shah (ex-Polygon), Vaibhav Vardhan (Inc42), and Aslan Goldenhour (Mimicry).

We plan to launch a private alpha version of our platform to a small group of users this Summer, around mid-July, with a public beta phase later in 2022. We are eager to hear from early adopters who want to join the Samudai alpha testing period and provide meaningful feedback. For more information, please contact:

For more information, visit Samudai

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