Harmony Showcases ENS Demo on Shard 1

We are excited to showcase a demo for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) on Harmony Shard 1.

Harmony mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. We supports uniform scaling, meaning that our shards grow linearly and boundlessly with transaction demands.

Currently, the majority of the transactions on Harmony are on Shard 0. This demo is first of several that we will showcase as examples of possibilities on Shard 1.

Harmony is making it easy for developers to build and scale applications on multiple shards. We invite you to join us to build together.

How to test ENS demo on Harmony shard 1

Step 1: Install MetaMask

Step 2: Use this tool to add Shard 1 to MetaMask, or do so manually (see below).

Harmony custom RPC for Shard 1 on mainnet

Step 3: Install Harmony CLI (Command Line Interface). This allows you to send tokens from your shard 0 address to your shard 1 address.

Step 4: Test ENS Shard 1 Demo here.

We’ll be shipping more demo applications on Shard 1 and we invite all developers to come try!

Read more on our RADICAL Market for Internet Domains, Crypto Names & Top-Level .country.

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