Nouns Demo on Harmony Shard 1

By Brian Felsen & Matty McDonald

We are excited to showcase a demo for Nouns on Harmony Shard 1.

Harmony mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 100 times lower fees. Harmony supports uniform scaling, meaning that our shards grow linearly and boundlessly with transaction demands.

Currently, the majority of the transactions on Harmony are on Shard 0. This demo is a part of a series that we will showcase as examples of possibilities on Shard 1.

Harmony is making it easy for developers to build and scale applications on multiple shards. We invite you to join us to build together.

Test our Nouns demo here.

About Nouns

Nouns is a groundbreaking NFT project in many ways. It’s not a standard collection with 10,000 variants of differing rarity traits. NFTs aren’t dropped all at once. And the image files aren’t stored in IPFS.

Instead, it’s a generative collection based on “people, places, and things,” where a new Noun NFT is automatically created and auctioned every 24 hours through a self-sufficient smart contract (which means that it would take 30 years for 10,000 variants to be issued!). Each Noun is a 32x32 pixelated avatar with a unique combination of accessories: (one of 234 heads, 137 accessories, 30 bodies, 21 glasses, and 2 backgrounds — each trait of which is equally rare).

Like many other collections, owning a Noun gets you access to the collections’ DAO, with one governance vote per NFT, but what’s unusual here is that all of the auction sale proceeds go to the treasury, which is controlled by the DAO (except for every 10th Noun, whose proceeds go to the founders’ multisig).

Nouns has attracted a ton of interest (their collection currently has a $55K floor price, and the treasury holds over $34M worth of ETH), and members can vote on any proposal that can attract builders or promote the collection — so far, they’ve voted on a Super Bowl ad, a documentary film, aid to Ukraine, eSports team sponsorship, and charitable donations. So far, they’ve also created a comic, mobile app, and even a coffee brand!

Playing with Nouns

You can create nouns off-chain at

There are tons of projects to play with on the original Nouns — including Figma integrations, Twitter bots, games, merch, you name it — and Harmony developers will be making more, and you can create a derivative project (like Lil Nouns) or set up a DAO!

Check out Cookie Wrestler:

And 3D Nouns:

Develop on Nouns

There’s so much Developers can do with Nouns!

For example, you can fork it and create a derivative project, with a much lower cost of entry, like Lil Nouns DAO did — they retained the website, traits, and DAO structure, but made their own collection with smaller artwork and minting occurring every 15 minutes instead of every 24 hours.

Visit the Nouns Github repo on Harmony where you can create pull requests, modify the client application or contracts, submit proposals, and report issues and bugs.

Download the assets from Github and the visual assets for designers.

View the production contracts. (Right now, one Noun is auctioning every 24 hours, and you can see the settled Nouns image by calling ‘tokenURI’ method of Nouns Tokens contract.)

See the project’s Graph to get the contract data, such as number of users bidding for each Noun, number of total bids, number of Nouns held by a particular address, etc.

Make use of their API and SDK and explore some of the Nouns projects and creations.

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