v1.2 is out 🚀 Here’s what you need to know

So in the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting surveys, conducting user interviews, and completing our masterplan for a seamless digital asset community & exchange. Our next update will be HUGE. And, it’ll take some time and a lot of QA to get it just right.

So, about a week ago, we decided to pencil in a smaller update—we wanted to add features many of you requested in your survey answers and user interviews. Enter v.1.2, a modest upgrade to our current crypto community platform.


  • Follow other OG users to personalize your feed (“Following”)

  • React to posts and comments with built in GIFs 🙌 “Gimmie a ‘yasss!’ to the death of language.”

  • Switch between a compact and expanded view in your feeds.

  • Say “Goodbye 👋” to categories in our navigation bar.

OG Main Feed

We changed our main feed. From some of your feedback, it was a chore getting to the content. We decided to get rid of our popular list and different categories. We decided to keep it simple.

Following Feed · og.xyz
Following Feed · og.xyz

Switch between ‘Popular’ and ‘Following’ to see what’s trending and what your frens are posting, respectively. We’re hoping that our popular section will feature more breaking crypto news while your ‘Following’ feed is more personalized to your niche in the crypto space. For example, $PYSOP has been trending lately, so you may get news like “Ben.eth just bought a bunch of Nakas with funds he got from $PSYOP pre-sale.” But, your niche might be something about Bitcoin hitting $28k this past Memorial Day weekend— ’cause you’re a Bitcoin Maxi and only follow other Bitcoin Maxis.


Follow your frens. Finally, yes, we decided to add the ability to follow other users. This goes hand-in-hand with the launch of a personalized feed. We wanted you to have the ability to get the relevant alpha or crypto news without having to scroll endlessly on our site.

Follow · og.xyz
Follow · og.xyz

To get started, just click on any user profile, visit their page, and scroll through all the posts they have created. You can elect to follow a user by selecting ‘Follow’ on the top of their page.

Customize your feed

In addition to ‘Popular’ and ‘Following’, we’ve maintained filters from the previous version of OG.

Filter/Sort by · og.xyz
Filter/Sort by · og.xyz

Filter by ‘bot’ to remove automated Tweets from influencers and major web3 companies. You can also ‘sort by’ date, view count, comment count, and vote count.

Expanded vs Compact View

We had a great time connecting with users during our interview. One the simple changes we made came from a user who had trouble scrolling through content on her iPhone mini. We ran some tests and realized we needed a better layout for smaller phones.

So we came up with a compact list view to make it easier to read headlines and get a gist of what the content would be about. We hope this encourages more of you to sift through the content to find relevant posts.


What would a crypto community be without GIFs? We’ve been so focused on getting our site up, we been putting GIFs on the back burner. Well, it’s here. Enjoy reacting with GIFs on the new OG.

GIFs · og.xyz
GIFs · og.xyz

Okay! That’s version 1.2. Stay tuned for the next big update: our digital asset community and exchange. We’re hoping the revolutionize the way we trade so stay tuned!

Want notifications on our upcoming exchange? Follow us Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram! That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

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