Introducing OG Playground

We at OG are thrilled to announce the launch of OG Playground, a community where you can catch alpha to trade better. Building on our previous projects like OG Studio, we’re expanding our community to other digital assets like cryptocurrencies.

Our vision for OG Playground is to provide a one-stop experience for traders to exchange ideas, gather intel, and trade digital assets. We’re not entirely there yet, though! We’ve only launched the first stage, our community.

What is the inspiration behind OG Playground?

Many of us on the OG team are traders. Many of our users are also traders too. So through the many interactions we’ve had with our users, we noticed there was a need for a community.

Why? Well, because everything is scattered. You have your alpha channels scattered across forums, Discord, and Telegram groups. In order to enter a position, a trader has to open up 5 tabs and several apps. Then, the trader needs to scan through everything to get informed. By the time the trader enters a position, that alpha is useless. This is one of many problems that we’re trying to solve.

What is OG Playground trying to solve?

We’re trying to solve these common instances below:

  • “Why did a digital asset like BTC rise to $28,000 yesterday?”
  • “How will trending topics like the fall of SVB affect my portfolio, which includes assets like XRP and ETH?”
  • “What are other people trading? Are they entering or exiting certain positions? Why?”

We always revert back to these common user pain points throughout the design process.

So what does OG Playground feature?

Our goal at OG Playground is to help the average trader by providing reliable, fast, and relevant information. OG Playground features aggregated market intelligence organized into topics that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BAYC, Crypto Punks, and more. Users on OG can post within those topics to exchange ideas, pose questions, and share research.

In addition, AI-based aggregators crawl through various web sources to identify trending issues, such as the recent downfall of Silicon Valley Bank. Users can discuss the potential impact of those trending issues on their portfolio and work collectively to hedge any potential risks.

What’s in store for the future?

We also have plans to create a seamless experience for digital asset traders. We’re working towards creating a one-stop community exchange, a place where the crypto community has a place to interact as well as make a trade without needing to leave their browser. But for now, we’re focused on building our community.

That’s it for now! Tune in to the next post where we’ll be detailing our first major event, The Crypto Whisperer. For the latest updates, follow our Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram.

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