Updates to OG — April 7th

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April 7 Updates

We had some important design changes to share with you.

Here’s the short version if you’re pressed on time 👇

Version 1.1.4 (TL;DR)

  • [ Bottom navigation · mobile only ] For mobile web users, we rearranged our bottom navigation (mobile) to make it more user friendly — we also made some cosmetic upgrades to the icons!

  • [ Post buttons ] We also swapped out the icons (upvote, downvote, views) with custom icons (👍, 👎, & 👀)

  • [ Widgets · economic calendar ] Our economic calendar 🗓️ now features markers that indicate events that are high, medium, and low impact events.

  • [ Home banner ] Our homepage banner got a small upgrade as well ️✌️ A nice, subtle hover-animation detail.

  • [ Widget banners ] Banners in our widget now feature a progression indicator 👏

If you got a minute, here’s what we did.

Bottom Navigation Bar

For mobile users, we decided to change the position of some of our bottom navigation buttons. Previously, we had everything scattered in our GNB (global navigation bar) and BNB (bottom navigation bar). We decided to streamline everything so that it’s easier for everyone to post, edit their profile, view referrals, see notifications, and access our widget panel.

Here’s a look at our new navigation 😎

Oh, and we also added some hand drawn icons!

Post Icons

We’re not Reddit, so we decided to ditch the traditional upvote and downvote and go with our icons. Here’s what our icons look like.

Users who want to upvote can give a 👍 and a 👎 for downvotes.

Economic Calendar Markers

We know that major macro calendar events can be overwhelming, so we’re adding indicators to show you the potential impact of each upcoming calendar event. Here’s what it looks like.

We’ve organized events into three categories.

  • 🟢 High impact events — Events we think may have a major impact on all major markets.

  • 🟣 Medium impact events — Events we think may have an impact on all major markets.

  • 🌑 Low impact events — Events we think will most likely have a low impact on all major markets.

Other small updates

We updated the banner on both mobile and web to be more aesthetically pleasing. Basically, look better! We also added a progress indicator in our widget banners (web only).

Okay that’s it for now. Remember to join The Crypto Whisperer and check here periodically for updates to OG. We have a lot of new features currently being tested and are excited to roll them out in the near future. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram for the latest updates!

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