Win $10,000 USDT by Joining The Crypto Whisperer

Join us for The Crypto Whisperer on April 3rd at 00:00 UTC to enter a challenge where you can win $10,000 USDT!

Our 30-day pick’em challenge is simple.

  • Login daily and visit our event page.
  • Choose a cryptocurrency.
  • Will the price go up or down?

Note that each day, you’ll be presented 3 random cryptocurrencies. You can visit our topic pages to see what others are thinking before you choose a currency.

After you select a cryptocurrency, you’ll be presented a start and end date as well as a starting price in USD. You’ll need to guess if the end price will be greater or less than the start price. Simply put, will it go up or down?

If your prediction is correct, you’ll get 2 crystals, our event’s version of points. Please note that crystals are NOT a real currency. They are NOT tokens that can be exchanged for real currency. All crystals will be traded in for a prize at the end of the 30 days.

Okay, now that that’s finished, back to crystals. For each correct prediction, you’ll double your crystal count. Since you start with 2 crystals, if you get the next day’s prediction correct, you’ll have 4 crystals. Get the third day correct? 8 crystals total. Fourth day correct? 16 crystals! If you make predicitons for 30 days and get all of them correct, you will have 1,073,741,824 crystals.

Each day, you’ll have 24 hours to complete a prediction. Once the 24 hours are over, you’ll be presented the next prediction.

Start by selecting a cryptocurrency. If want to find out more about a certain cryptocurrency — let’s say dot, for example — visit the topic page to ask a question about it to other community members.

Once you select a currency, you’ll be presented with a graph displaying the current price, start price, start date, and end date. All start and end dates are set at 00:00 UTC. (Don’t know UTC? Here’s a converter.)

After you’ve examined the start price and graph, choose between “up” or “down”. That’s it!

When the end date arrives, we’ll use an API to automatically take a snapshot of the end price. Please note there may be a 3 to 5 minute delay at 00:00 UTC. This is for our system to capture the end date prices as well as prepare the next prediction. You will get a web notification and email once your results are ready for viewing.

With each correct prediction, your crystal count will double. But, in order to be eligble for $10,000 USDT grand prize, you’ll need to streak.

Participants who complete a 20-day streak within the 30-day challenge will be eligible to enter a draw for the $10,000 USDT grand prize. Streak count and crystal total will factor into the draw. So try to keep that streak alive and collect as many crystals as you can.

Here’s how your streak can break

  • If you miss a prediciton, your streak will break
  • If you get a predicition incorrect, your streak will break

Simple as that. Also, streaks do not influence your crystal count! So continue playing and collect crystals to receive a prize at the end of the event.

Want to increase your crystal count by 4x? Then complete these two missions during The Crypto Whisperer.

  • Refer 2 friends to join OG using your personalized Crypto Whisperer referral code
  • Post about a topic relevant in the crypto or web3 space, and get it on ✨ Popular, OG’s homepage.

Completing one of the tags will increase your total crystal count by 2x. So, if you have 5 correct predictions and have 32 points, you’ll have 64 points by completing one mission. If you complete both missions, you’ll have 128 points.

Please be aware that it may take us up to 24 hours (or more) to verify if you have completed one of the missions. But, since the 2x and 4x multipliers only affect the total crystal count, we wouldn’t worry. If you run into any problems during the challenge, drop us a DM via Twitter.

Okay, that’s all for now. See every Monday, April 3rd!

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