🚨 Chiliz Chain 2.0 Testnet, Potential Airdrop & NFT

Everything you need to know and do on Chiliz's new BlockChain / Mint NFT and potential #Airdrop Don't forget to like and RT #AlphaInsiders
Whats Chiliz?

@Chiliz is a popular cryptocurrency for sports tokenization, fueling the world’s first scalable sports and entertainment engagement and rewards platform. Chiliz already partnered with so many football clubs and National teams including @FCBarcelona @ManCity

What is Socios?

Socios can be described as the first consumer-facing product of Chiliz. Its a scalable, mainstream app that lets fans acquire tokenized voting rights in their favorite clubs. The app allows fans to engage with their teams & provides access to unique rewards.

Chilliz ambitions are limitless they are targeting the entertainment market as well. Chiliz got 80+ team members Including Football, F1, MMA & more, across 29 different nationalities. Their rapid growth made them build their own Blockchain Chiliz Chain 2.0 Testnet "Scoville"

What is Chiliz Chain 2.0?

Scoville is a blockchain that will speed up the creation of fan tokens. Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2) will enable clubs and brands to mint NFTs, issue fan tokens, and other DeFi products, like Play2Earn games, Play2Win, and merchandised certifications.

How to interact with the TESTNET?

You need to all the Network to the wallet first details:

Try to familiarize yourself with the Defi tools of CC2 full details on the tasks and things you can do can be found here:

What to Expect?

Tho Chilliz already has the $CHZ token but the team already confirmed that the Scoville NFT series on the testnet will give you some benefits on the mainnet. I personally will play around with the testnet and the Socios app collecting in-app $SSU token

The roadmap hasn't been updated or the team is a little behind but again I was told that Phase 7 or Mainnet by end of the year is still targeted.

Link: https://chiliz.com/en/chain/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/YARcYcgCQ4

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