Featured Spots in Tokyo

In this article, we highlight some of the best places in Tokyo for international travelers.

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Ginza, where our bar is located, is an entertainment and arts district. There are theaters, galleries, restaurants, and department stores.



Traditional Japanese theater. Folk Theater Popular over 200 years ago and still performed today.English commentary headphones available.

 Kabuki-za Theaterhttps://www.kabuki-za.co.jp/

・Noh Theater 
 Noh/Kyogen/Sansouban/play performed to traditional Japanese melodies.

📍Kanze Noh Theater https://kanze.net/


The Japanese have kept goldfish as pets since ancient times. This art aquarium is almost an art! With goldfish as the concept, visitors can also enjoy traditional Japanese ukiyoe prints and handicrafts.

📍GINZA Art Aquarium Museum https://artaquarium.jp/


The oldest western style painting gallery in Japan.

📍Nichido Gallery https://www.nichido-garo.co.jp/


Ginza is home to some of the best sushi, Japanese food and bar restaurants in Japan.
 📍Sushi: Yoshitake

📍Japanese food: Koju

They have Michelin stars and offer the best service. These restaurants have branches in Paris and Hong Kong and are friendly to foreign travelers.

Other Recommendations Restaurants Map👇

Others(A recreation spot in Tokyo near Ginza)

・Sento (public bath) have been around for over 150 years. Cash only.



・Sado (tea ceremony) A traditional Japanese ritual of serving tea and entertaining guests.

📍Omotenashi Nihonbashi

・Sumo -

Traditional martial arts. It is held three times a year for 15 days in Tokyo.

📍Ryogoku Kokugikan

Tokyo has many rivers crisscrossing the city. You can charter a boat and enjoy the scenery of Tokyo.

📍Kachidoki Marina /English speaking staff available.

📍Edoventure CruiseStylish and sophisticated boat

○Marine Sports
Sap, sea kayak, windsurfing. Children can also use it. It is located in "Odaiba", the bay of Tokyo Olympics venue.
📍 Ehukaibeach

Staying at a hotel in Tokyo? Japanese hotels are the way to go! Since ancient times, traditional Japanese hotels had Japanese-style beautiful gardens.

📍Hotel New Otani

📍Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa

📍Four Seasons Hotel Chinzan-so Tokyo

Enjoy your stay in Tokyo!!

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