Crypto Needs its Own New Jeans


In the dynamic world of Kpop, the rising girl group New Jeans has captured hearts with its unique concept and narrative. As they usher in a new generation of pop music, we can draw valuable lessons from their success and apply them to the current state of the crypto industry. Just as New Jeans presents a fresh approach to Kpop, we too must reimagine the concept of crypto where all these infra matters to attract a broader audience and create a thriving ecosystem.

The Phenomenon of New Jeans:

New Jeans, a rapidly-rising Kpop girl group formed by ADOR, has gained immense popularity with its wordplay name "new genes." Comprising five talented members - Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein - the group's latest EP, "Get Up," achieved outstanding sales in South Korea and even entered the Spotify US "Daily Top Songs" chart. What sets New Jeans apart is not just their rare old-school vibe but how they break the traditional Kpop stereotype under the guidance of director Min.

Breaking Kpop Stereotypes:

Unlike other Kpop groups that focus on tangible performances like singing and dancing, New Jeans fully integrates all members' talents to serve a concept. This groundbreaking approach emphasizes the group's collective performance, marking a departure from individual members' prominence. Fans are drawn to New Jeans primarily because of their captivating concept, rather than just one member's appeal. Moreover, the group ventures beyond typical performances, releasing various internet products and engaging with fans through a fun app available for download.

New Jean's Website
New Jean's Website

The Problem in the Crypto World:

In the aftermath of FTX and other crypto disasters, public perception of the industry has suffered, with many people viewing it as overly financialized or even a scam. As a result, the crypto ecosystem has become filled with buzzwords and is unappealing to unsophisticated users. Even those native to crypto have shifted their focus from exploring imaginative applications to infrastructure development. While infrastructure is crucial for success, it's equally vital to create a compelling concept and experience that resonates with users and inspires their interest in the crypto space.

Learning from New Jeans:

Instead of competing who can dance, sing better, New jeans utilize highly unified concept to make the success. Just as New Jeans offers a refreshing take on Kpop, the crypto world needs to redefine its concepts and experiences to attract a broader audience. Rather than solely emphasizing infrastructure and technological advancements (these tangible performance), we should focus on integrating these elements into a cohesive and beloved concept. Just as fans are drawn to New Jeans for their unique approach, people will be attracted to crypto if we can create a social context where all infrastructural aspects seamlessly fit together.

It’s the time to bring New Genes to crypto.

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