There are various articles recounting the ~$6M haul from Inferno Drainer. Who knew a message to Scam Sniffer would turn to this tweet below? For a few days I have seen “security enthusiast 0xSaiyanGod” quoted on twitter and media platforms as the one who shed light on “Mr.Inferno”. I want to first credit other researchers who have worked to help victims and bring awareness to security. While I was not surprised to see Mr. Inferno, the intent was to inform, not yet determined why inferno was there. It would seem the team was not actively investigating this but one of the admins responded to my message with a TX Hash I was curious about. That TX Hash exposed a familiar wallet address labeled “Fake_Phishing76183”.

I spend my days reporting on Chainabuse and doing my fair share in security awareness. Scam Sniffer is one of many groups I frequent to follow along with updates. If you check my twitter, you will find all sorts of content related to security, whether it be targeted at CT or security as we know it. Not too long before the tweet from Scam Sniffer, myself along with notable names in Web3 were thanked for helping someone follow their funds. A compromise in the user’s Evernote lead to a substantial loss. A common problem, phishing, is still the same old attack. Wallet drainers are no secret to the CT community but they have evolved over the months. Whenever I see “Fake_Phishing”, I used to assume it was a wallet drainer. My introduction into these types of phishing scams date back to the now retired Monkey Drainer. This isn’t long ago at all. Fake airdrop pages, fake FTX Support pages, websites asking for your seed phrase, these are just a few examples of how wallet draining has moved through the crypto community. With a short scroll down my feed, you will find me sharing resources to avoid future scams. On occasion, you’ll find meaningless tweets and posts.

I will list a few articles you can read more about the reason many have heard of me in the past few days. My job is #Secur1tyResearch3r

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