January 11th, 2022

A Letter from 11

The 11 LIT3S Hotel is an idea, a world, a collection of art in different mediums, but at its core it's a story. A story world I dreamed up to combine my favorite ways to create, into one cohesive vision. This world came to life before I knew the power of Web3. Since learning, I've realized how connected this technology can allow us to become through art.

I once lost the love of another and struggled to pull myself out of that dark place. I imagined somewhere I could turn songs into physical spaces and tell a story inside each. A place with its own unique atmosphere and vibe. A place inside the tornados of ups and downs, love and lust, peace and rage. That place became the Hotel, an embodiment of what the creative process feels like.

I've written records for some of the biggest names in music (Rihanna, James Arthur, Seeb). I've seen the immense talent these people possess and it's talent I see in myself. Too many in the world try to control the heights to which you dream...but if you don't believe you can be the peers of these legends, how will you ever achieve it?

December 1st, 2021

Chapter 1

[343 Days] Before The Fall

“What stops things from falling?” This question plagued T as he admired the neon lights that covered the front of the building. The hotel sat in the center of Nu Siobuya where it had become known as a creative haven for the uninspired. He turned toward the sky as he heard someone land on the roof.

“What stops things from falling?” The answer felt like it simultaneously existed on the tip of his tongue and at the furthest edge of the universe.