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ALTAVA GROUP Digital service provider for luxury brands

Basic information of the project

Basic information


ALTAVA aims to digitize real-world physical luxury items, casting them as NFTs and allowing their holders to use them in various virtual worlds in the Metaverse. The NFT "Second Skin : Metamorphosis" is a PFP-type item with a total of 6,765 pieces released, signifying a second layer of avatars in the Metaverse, 3D and high simulation style, allowing you to create and match different elements in the future ALTAVA Worlds of WoY has been released in its initial version, a gaming social platform for luxury fashion, ALTAVA MARKET supports consumers to trade and exhibit their virtual assets in a virtual world.

The arrival of COVID-19 has led to a decline in global luxury sales, and many brands have accelerated their digital presence to break the physical limits and conventional shopping methods, creating new opportunities and challenges for technology solution providers, and ALTAVA is at the forefront of this revolution. ALTAVA has used its technology to partner with some of the world's leading luxury brands and to launch a new digital marketplace in an attempt to create its own independent ecosystem.

2.Team Background

ALTAVA GROUP is a Singapore-based company with a branch and strong business capabilities in Korea. According to the white paper, it has already entered into cooperation with several world-renowned luxury brands, including Prada, Bvlgari, Chloe, Balmain, Burberry, Armani, Bulgari, Thom Browne, A.P.C, Moncler, etc. The partner brands will develop, operate and sell their licensed virtual assets for these brands through ALTAVA's platform.

Andy Ku, Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Graduate of Cornell and Harvard University

Serial entrepreneur in social media and gaming

Founding member of Nurien Soft, developer of MStar - a stylish 3D avatar-based social game sold to Netmarble, one of the world's largest gaming companies with a market cap of $13.5B

Co-founder and CEO of Realtime Worlds Asia

Founding member of BlueArk Global, a mobile media, education and gaming services company

Elizabeth von Guttman Co-Founder/Chief Communications Officer

Co-founder of System Magazine

Co-founder of Ever Consulting & Manifesto

Director of Business Development, Wednesday Agency Group

Jin Young Choi Chief Technology Officer

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder of ACTS29

Chief Executive Officer/Founding Regent of LIBRA SYSTEMS Inc.

Chief Executive Officer/Founder of LIBRA

Chief Executive Officer/Founder of 1semi

Former developer of KT R&D Center AI Lab

Karina Cha, SVP, Brand Partnerships

Co-founder of DKC Studios

Shinsegae International, former fashion and business consultant for Boon the Shop

Robert Rodriguez former Vice President of Sales and Operations

2.Investment Relationships

Natalia Vodianova is a Russian model, board member of Special Olympics International and UN Goodwill Ambassador, founder of Naked Heart Foundation.

SM Entertainment Korea's largest talent agency, founded by Lee Soo Man, has a number of famous artists and groups: EXO, Super Junior, Dong Fang Shen Jie, Girls' Generation, SuperM, An Qi Xun, Minho, etc.

Netmarble Korea's largest mobile game company, has developed games including Seven Knights, Modoo, Cookie Jam, Lineage 2 Revolution, Marvel Future Fight, Panda Pop, MaguMagu, etc., with revenue of US$2.5B in 2020.

Translatio is a luxury fashion and lifestyle retail management partner and consulting firm. Focused on retail management, operations and specialty fashion retail concept development in China. Over 30+ top global luxury fashion brands to work with in China.

LG Electronics LG Electronics is part of South Korea's fourth largest conglomerate, with global sales of $55.91 billion. The company has 128 subsidiaries worldwide with 83,000 employees.

Hyundai Department Store Group A publicly traded department store in Korea, the company also produces home shopping programs for cable channels and sells merchandise through home shopping programs.

Animoca is a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification, having been ranked among the top companies in the Asia Pacific region by The Metal Times 2021 list of highly successful companies. Crazy Defense Heroes; and products that use popular intellectual property, including Formula 1®, Marvel, WWE, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, and Doraemon.


1.ALTAVA public sale of the first NFT-Second Skin : Metamorphosis (PFP)

2.Launch of social gaming platform-ALTAVA WOY Alpha

3.TAVA Token IDO (as of March 10 community announcement will be extended to sometime before May)

4.Release of ALTAVA Circle - for architecture and fashion creation (C2E)

5.Release of ALTAVA Market - for virtual asset trading

6.TAVA Token Pledge (Defi)

7.Update WoY (P2E and Social-fi)

8.Release of ALTAVA Land for Sale

9.TAVA tokens for real business development

ALTAVA's roadmap starts from four perspectives: product, business, creation and tokens, to build its own ecology in the virtual world and eventually serve the real world business development. Although only NFT and WOY Alpha have been released at this stage, more surprises and experiences will be brought as the products are updated and iterated and famous partner brands are added. woy is now available for download on Google Play and App Store, search does not show then you need to change your region.


Storage Standard: ERC-721 (Ethereum)

Contract address: 0x82f371b47cc5b9cf23af60a9a31a9e7a6bef8a2d

Project Analysis

1.Play Analysis

The Second Skin : Metamorphosis series, of which a total of 6,765 are on sale, can be used in WoY to form a second metamorphosis by interacting with your NFT, changing your image, wearing different virtual assets, or even structural transformation.

Experience: ALTAVA has become the official brand customization digital service provider of LVMH, and Hodlers can preview and try the 3D files of the partner brands first.

Business: The project will give value to NFT through industrial extensions and services. Virtual fashion shows and virtual advertising shoots will be selected from Hodlers and conducted using their models, with the holders receiving a share of the proceeds.

Creation: Second Skin community members will be able to design and create their own virtual fashion, which will be sold through ALTAVA MARKET to generate revenue.

Tools: DAO, where holders participate in community discussions about future collaborations with the brand and vote on the development path and all matters related to the Second Skin brand through tokens.

Airdrop: Access to exclusive NFT airdrops at market.

Land: A whitelist of future land sales where ALTAVA Land holders can build their own worlds and create their own virtual brands.

Interoperability: Holders access to dedicated spaces in SANDBOX and ALTAVA WoY, and will support access to more different metaverse in the future.

2.Token Analysis

TAVA tokens to be minted on BSC (BEP-20)

TAVA tokens, as the most important part of the whole ALTAVA ecology, give value and development power to the features of WoY World Unrest. Users are able to earn money in WoY by playing games (P2E), by using their models in exchange for advertising revenue (Social-fi), by creating virtual goods and minting them for sale (C2E), and by providing pledges of tokens and NFTs.


February 28 pre-sale of 2,400 Second Skin has mint 2,278, when technical problems with the site led to some whitelist users postponed a few days before mint, the remaining unmint will flow into the public sale. Pre-sale price of 0.21, the price has not fluctuated much in recent weeks, the market performance is more stable, the floor fluctuates between 0.30 ~ 0.35. As of 3.10, the number of holders is 1533, the pending rate is only 5%, most of the white list holders mostly have confidence in the project and are ready to hold it for a long time.

Community Operation

1.Community Operation

White List The list still follows the more traditional way of getting the whitelist by activity and invitation, and later on the lottery is the main way to get it. Elite Apes is an ALPHA community with 150 BAYC holders, and after research and analysis, the evaluation of ALTAVA on twitter is "one of the high potential, high quality investment projects". The community is a very active one.

2.External Cooperation

Vogue x ALTAVA : Together they built a 3D digital version of a virtual window display of luxury goods.

Vogue x ALTAVA at the Met Gala : Turning fashion star models into high-fidelity, interactive 3D images at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Other community collaborations include Elite Apes, The Sandbox, LostEdenNFT, InfinityPad, PlayPad, Bondly, Seedify, and more; covering a wide range of different areas such as Alpha Community, Land, Gamefi, Token, other NFTs, and more.

Personal Analysis

1.Personal view

The ALTAVA project has always prided itself on its technology, using high-fidelity 3D modeling techniques to ensure that the virtual characters are "indistinguishable from real or virtual characters. This is different from the cartoonish style of their competitor Threedium, as well as Tangible and Barney, both selected as LV Venture Partners, who are strong competitors related to metaverse and virtual assets.

2.Subsequent development

The construction of the virtual ecology coupled with the TAVA token gives the holder a lot of authority and leaves a lot of room for the holder's imagination and creativity. Perhaps there is a chance to see ALTAVA become a trendsetter in leading luxury virtual fashion in the future, and also provide new income generating opportunities for many young fashion designers and startup brand owners. From the project's investment relationship and partners, it does have very good industry resources, and the focus of the subsequent development will be on the ecological development of the meta-universe and the commercial cooperation that supports multi-platform access.

Does the development of virtual assets ultimately have to serve reality? For ALTAVA, perhaps yes, by projecting the physical assets of the real world into the virtual world, and then allowing players to use their imagination to transform their own characters, operate their own land and create all kinds of virtual assets in the metaverse, the token income derived from them will eventually be reinvested back into the real enterprises as a continuation of the real world and mutual achievement.

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