Architecting network success.

NFTs. Real-time 24/7 collaboration. Global experiments from day one. Open and permissionless innovation. Rapid advancements in research. Self-sovereignty and control of personal data and property. Community and creator empowerment. Transparency by design.

This is what keeps us excited about Web3 and its future.

The past year, in particular, has repeatedly brought reminders of the dangers and shortcomings inherent to the centralized, opaque systems of today: systems of power which, rather than reward participation, create barriers, stifle innovation, and misalign control and incentives; systems which require trust to be placed in a myriad of third parties who - from exclusion to outright fraud - have consistently failed us.

There couldn’t be a better reminder of why we are here. So we are taking this opportunity to refresh our look and double down on this original thesis.

When 1kx launched in early 2018, it was with the realization that blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the decentralized networks that power them were game-changing. We believe these networks and technologies will change how we transfer value online and dramatically accelerate efficiency, ownership, and innovation across all industries, economies, and societies.

We believe the multi-trillion dollar market for trust will be replaced with code. And we’re backing exceptional founders bringing that belief to life.

What we believe

Decentralized networks fundamentally disrupt our existing paradigms and in doing so, bring enhanced transparency, resiliency, security, and individual sovereignty. Powered by software and governed by communities, token networks hold enormous potential to impact almost every aspect of society and commerce. We’re backing and building that future.

What we are about

We Are All-In. We are on the verge of a major shift in society, and it has inspired us to be intellectually curious and optimistic about the future. We care deeply about bringing the best possible version of a decentralized economy to life.

We Are Collaborative. We help exceptional founders bootstrap token networks. We partner wisely — and closely - and we know our sh*t. Talk is cheap. Technical expertise, research, and familiarity with the details matter - this is our focus.

We Are Rebellious. The culture within our firm and within our network is influenced by our love for the rebellious spirit. We know firsthand that being a founder is one of the least glamorous jobs one could possibly pursue, and we get what it's like to give the finger to the status quo.

What we do

Our firm explores the art and science of network building, and we are deeply dedicated to helping the best and brightest minds in Web3 grow and scale their platforms and build lasting community-driven networks. In addition to our strategic guidance, we like to roll up our sleeves and help with anything from community coordination and ecosystem building to launching entire DAOs to drive the growth of portfolio projects.

What next

Those who know us will know we understand that great innovation comes during bear markets. The removal of the noise, the focus on execution, and the alignment to the long term are net positives, both for individual projects and the space overall.

Creating change at this scale will take years if not decades. And we are here for it.

We couldn’t be more excited for what is to come - let’s keep building.

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