Shine Your Light Genesis Music Video NFT Drop

Our Genesis Music NFT Video, Shine Your Light drops 3/17/22 at 2:30 PM PST!

Shine Your Light Drop

I also made this mirror article an NFT in order to allow collectors to support us and be a part of our 1Universe Family.

The top 5 collectors of a Rare edition and above will receive an exclusive Shine Your Light Music NFT airdrop.

I’ve personally funded everything related to 1Universe this last year and am eternally grateful for anyone who can support us and help make our vision a reality.

To reach 1 is to reach all.

Shine Your Light Equity Split Breakdown
Shine Your Light Equity Split Breakdown
  • 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Ukraine DAO to support Ukrainians suffering from the war.
  • 35% will go to our amazing producer Davinchii from Nigeria.
  • 10% will be reinvested back into 1Universe
  • 5% will go to the XPTEAM an amazing group of dancers from Indonesia.

What was the inspiration for Shine Your Light?

Shine your Light was inspired by Daft Punk. After their retirement, I wanted to pay tribute to the robots by creating a song that makes you dance, while feeling confident and sexy.

I'm a big fan. Can you tell?
I'm a big fan. Can you tell?

The Music Video wouldn’t be possible without XPTEAM. They are a dance crew based in Bandung, Indonesia that was formed in September 2018.

Their team has 40+ members who love to dance, sing and entertain.

How was Shine Your Light produced?

Shine your light was produced by Davinchii, an extremely talented producer from Nigeria. I asked him to tell his story.

Who is Davinchii?

Davinchii and his brother Emmanuel
Davinchii and his brother Emmanuel

My name is David Olanrewaju (Davinchiii). I am a music producer and sound engineer with 1Universe. Music has always been a part of me, I remember drumming with plastic plates when I was 5 and the rhythm has been in me ever since. Growing up in Africa has been a really inspirational experience for me because I got to experience music from its deepest roots and in its purest form.

As much as I have enjoyed all the positives of growing up in Africa, I have had to endure horrendous power outages, fuel scarcity, and police brutality. Even when Jesse tries to send production gears to me, they take months to arrive and I have to pay bribes before I can collect them. I’ve realized that in order to be the best version of myself as a creative, I would need to change my environment and explore other cultures while furthering my education.

How did I meet Davinchii?

I met Davinchii on Fiverr and hired him on April 9th, 2020 to create a podcast intro for me. I told him I was a huge Daft Punk fan and he created this for me in 1 day!

Fast forward to April 19th, 2021 a day before my 29th birthday.

I had a life-changing experience at Catalina Island and found my purpose in this universe and became inspired to create music & visuals that spread love and light into the universe.

I reached back out to Davinchii, got his WhatsApp number, and I hired him to produce, mix and master an album we are working on called LOVE & LIGHT.

How have you helped Davinchii?

I’ve helped Davinchii to upgrade his studio over the last year. I wanted to make sure he has everything he needs in order to make amazing music.

Also, artists from all over Nigeria travel to Davinchii’s studio to record, so I wanted to make a much bigger impact outside of just 1Universe.

Studio Upgrades:

  • Purchased a new Piano for Davinchii after the keys broke on his MIDI keyboard.
  • Sent him a Macbook with a brand new battery that I installed and a screen protector, case and a carrying bag that took over 80 days for him to receive!
  • Purchased a Guitar Pedal for Davinchii’s brother Emmanuel who is an extremely talented guitarist.

What is 1Universe?

To reach 1 is to reach all.

Our mission is to spread love & light into the universe through music and visuals.

Our artist name is 1 because we are all 1. We believe the key to creating amazing music is collaboration from the heart.

Our vision is to work with talented artists all over the world and use equity splits with smart contracts to distribute funds fairly.

This will allow everyone to benefit from primary sales and secondary sales FOREVER.

What can you expect from us next?

Here’s what we’re currently working on:

  • Release a 1/1 4k Music Video for ONE By TAROT
  • Release our Genesis Music NFT for ROL (Return of Love) on Opensea and share the proceeds with Davinchii and our Singer Taves.
  • Release a 1/1 4K Music Video for Holding onto Hope By TAROT and donate 50% of the proceeds to Ukraine.
  • Release a 1/1 4K version NFT of our SHINE Anime Music Video and share the proceeds with Davinchii and our Singer Taves.
  • Create a 1Universe DAO to reward collectors, fans, support artists, and make a massive impact in the Web 3.0 & Music NFT space.

We are 1

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