From Meta to crypto VC in Voltcapital Story of nataliemarie.eth

From @meta to crypto VC in @voltcapital

Story of nataliemarie.eth

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In this interview

📍How she fall into the rabbit hole

📍Life as a crypto VC

📍Most magical experience of her trading & career change

📍What does she think is required to make it in crypto

Story of nataliemarie.eth

From Meta to crypto VC in Voltcapital

Can you do a short introduction about yourself?


I’m Natalie! Originally from right outside NYC and longtime lover of all things related to technology & art. I’ve been in crypto for a little over 2 years, but have been working in the industry full-time for about 6 months.

How did you fall into the crypto rabbit hole?


During Summer 2020, I’d just started my first full-time job out of college, but due to COVID I was living rent-free at my parents house for the first 8 months. A friend of mine from college actually ended up on the cover of Forbes for flipping like $200 into $100k trading stock options on airline companies earlier than Spring. So with so much spare cash and free time, in addition to already having heard of blockchain in some of my nerdy online circles, I figured I’d check it out. I went down the rabbit hole and never looked back!

Can you share more on life as a crypto VC?


The thing I love about working in VC is that it’s the closest thing (outside of a PhD) to getting paid to learn. One could argue it’s even better given that you get to work in the real world with companies and founders. I spent the majority of my team reading/researching and picking the brains of brillant, super fascinating people and synthesizing all that info trying to find the next 1000x company. It’s like the best treasure hunt game ever. 

Most magical crypto experience?


 I was working at Meta when I first got into crypto, and my rotation trade from Meta stock → to ETH → to LUNA and then cashing out in Jan 2022 is without question the thing I’m most proud of. The money I made from doing that is honestly what allowed me to later quit my job at Meta to focus on working in crypto full-time.

What is your favourite meme?


It’s been used so many times but I probably have to go with the Bell Curve meme. A significant portion of the wittiest and funniest memes I’ve seen on CT use that template. Classics for the win!

What do you think is required to make it in crypto?


  • Being a voracious reader and learner. 

  • Lots of intellectual humility and honesty.

  • FOMO-resistance.

  • Contributing in the open / in public (whether through art, writing, code, investing, etc.)

  • Also… just have fun. Don’t take the high, the lows or yourself too seriously.

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