The first Constitution of Nation3 has been ratified

Nation3 citizens voted to ratify the country’s first Constitution, accessible here:

The Constitution is the fundamental document outlining the powers of the Nation3 state, its governance and its checks and balances.

Constitutional checks and balances within Nation3
Constitutional checks and balances within Nation3

Unlike other cloud nations/network states, Nation3 can truly enforce law over its jurisdiction. Nation3 agreements are legal contracts that can be disputed and ultimately settled by the Nation3 Supreme Court.

Users must stake tokens to enter Nation3 agreements, and losing those tokens is the maximum penalty they can incur in case of breach — true limited liability.

The terms of Nation3 agreements must be constitutional and legal. E.g. animal cruelty is unconstitutional, and so an agreement to unnecessarily hurt an animal would be rendered void by the Supreme Court.

Thanks to Nation3 agreements, everyone — no matter their origins, age or geographical location — can enter legally binding agreements with other people over the Internet, with the legal guarantees of the Nation3 jurisdiction. Read more:

The next step is to vote on the first cohort of Supreme Court judges. And if you want to help shape the next steps for Nation3, make sure to join our Discord!

After all, it's the dawn of the world's first Internet jurisdiction, where we all get to be the Founding Fathers and Mothers ❇️

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