Web3 Freelance Collective Manifesto

Freelance Collective

We were told to get a job, work, perform our 40 hours a week with dedication, knocking out tasks every day, while ignoring the real value created for shareholders, or in better terms, "business value”.

We were taught to have one focus, one goal: pass the next exam, graduate, get a job, get ahead, make money, and strive for a high social status.

What if this model doesn't fit everyone?

What if a new generation of professionals decided to break-out from this pattern, and set a new standard?

Imagine a new paradigm where the paramount objective is not merely maximising shareholder value, but generating real impact and elevating human capital. Your own skills, expertise, interpersonal network, and aspirations are what matter the most. However, you need to build your own fortress to effectively achieve this.

Many have decided to do so by creating their personal brand, often crafting their own social bubbles with either excessive virtue signalling or lifestyle flexing.


We believe in community-backed achievements, where personal efforts are amplified and recognised by a broader circle of people, not just your manager.

Giving meaning to one's life and professional experiences means quickly reaching synapses from different geographies, cultural backgrounds, and life paths because this is how humans are wired.

Our brain is made of neurons, little workers interconnected and communicating through tiny messages. Instead of shouting to each other, neurons use synapses, magical bridges where messages jump across to help the workers across your brain think, connect, execute, explore, and build.

Now picture the current work culture: you're diving into one field only, you talk about work only with a close set of neurons (your colleagues), if you're proactive you journal your achievements but eventually you find it hard to seize your field of impact and discover what's the real value you want to convey in your professional career.

Raison d'etre

We want to be the synapse of the best talents in web3, setting independent professionals at the forefront of a new paradigm. A paradigm of open connections, flexibility, and a new approach to work contributions.

We started our journeys in web3 individually, mostly out of mere curiosity with a view that crypto could radically change most of our daily habits, for the better. Then we met like minded humans, and interest turned into passion, and then into (positive) addiction.

The amazing people we’ve met have been a big factor in shifting from a few readings on Medium to devoting whole years to this industry. Over the past 7 years, the circle has grown broader, connections deeper, colleagues became friends and we managed to accumulate a wealth of knowledge.

Now we want to share some of our findings:

  • Rerouting human-to-human collaboration through trusted, public digital infrastructure is key.

  • Professionals can grow only if exposed to new challenges with adventurous fellows.

  • Interest can be ignited by market trends, but stick only if shared with others.

  • Building relationships can be draining when you work 60+ hours a week, but a good network can eventually save you months of solo efforts.

  • Despite scams, pump & dumps, FOMO & FUD, a good amount of people is here to create tangible value for society.

  • Meritocracy as it has been presented by movies, Forbes articles & co is broken. It only works if a circle of people recognise you as a doer.

  • Companies build processes to incentivise employees to be happier at work and increase retention, not to create better professionals.

  • The faster you learn, the bigger your competitive edge is. Freelancers allocate five times as much time in research compared to employees.

Web3 is like a club, with like-minded individuals who are working towards a common goal. Web3 professionals need a place to realise their ideas and contribute to the projects they like across the globe.

Our collective deeply believes that:

  1. Culture matters

    We all are the result of a culture: our country, traditions, family, friends, experiences, and beliefs. We project our culture to the world, adjusted with our values and ambitions. Being part of 3V Labs collective means embracing a culture, where each of us is the master of his own destiny, where the realization of our goals is the result of hard work and commitment, and the only competition is with ourselves to become better humans. Understanding our individual cultures helps shape a human-centric design, to convey real value to users, continuously striving to discover and deliver the best possible experience in the decentralised world.

  2. Cooperation is key

    We stand for the community because we believe that cooperation is the main leverage to reach bigger and greater goals faster. And we're here to build and make an impact. We’re aware that not all web3 products will be perfect, not all ideas will work, but we will be ready to build, ship, and fail. Iterate and keep building to bring value where we can and where is needed. We can do it better, together.

  3. Connections must be open

    Your cognitive surplus, all the knowledge you have harnessed through your personal endeavours, side hustles, research, and personal growth, can fuel collective creativity, leading to groundbreaking innovations. We have no barriers to sharing our network and knowledge. We build trust by connecting builders, ecosystems, and professionals tirelessly.

Collective Flow
Collective Flow

What we ain’t and what we are?

  • We ain’t plain consultants, we ain’t a job marketplace or an agency solving corporate backlogs.

  • We’re independent and committed professionals, brought together by 3V Labs.

  • We are somethings new … we are fundamentally

    • a DAO, in our approach to shared benefits and distributed ownership,

    • an agency, in our high-level of professionalism when it comes to commitments and timely execution,

    • a community, for our independent mavericks, building the core pieces of the next iteration of internet.

The Web3 Freelance Collective is the home for uber-degen economists, creative marketers, charismatic BDs, growth hackers, data-wizards, tireless developers, NFT artists, UX visionaries, DAO politicians, metaverse wanderers and many more.

Our mission is to empower the next generation of creators and builders with flexibility and speed, reducing the over-head costs of finding the right hires, strategic integrations and infrastructure partners. All driven by meticulous attention to quality and reliability made possible by 3V Labs freelancers.

What can you do to join 3V Labs 2024 cohort ?

If you are a passionate business developer, product manager, marketer, developer, designer, or builder, then you might be the right fit for 3V Labs.

Access is granted to those who mint this article and start the onboarding process here.

Let’s build together!

Audentes fortuna iuvat

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