2021 Events Recap: 4K at Bitcoin Miami, Mainnet NYC, and DCentral Con Miami

2021 was a huge year for Crypto and it was also the year NFTs went mainstream. NFTs dominated our culture, attracting attention from celebrities, sports personalities, and media outlets alike. 2021 was also the year 4K entered the Crypto world with a mission to bring our Physical-Digital™ bridge to the masses.

Here are some of our favorite highlights from 2021.


Bitcoin Miami 2021 was a massive event in the crypto space that brought hundreds of thousands of people to Southern Florida. It was clear Crypto had staked a place in the mainstream.

Our booth saw thousands of attendees stop by to meet our co-founders Richard and Max.

With each visitor, Richard and Max were able to perfectly outline 4K's core objectives and detail the value of physically-backed NFTs. Although the crowd was a diverse mix of crypto newbies and whales, it was evident that 4K's booth was a prime destination at BTC Miami. On display were high-end, luxury goods including Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemar Piguet watches, a glowing LED Louis Vuitton handbag, and highly-coveted Jordan and Yeezy sneakers.

4K left BTC Miami feeling validated that we were on the verge of something very new and exciting in crypto.


In September 2021, 4K had the opportunity to participate in Mainnet NYC. Mainnet is a crypto conference geared towards bringing the traditional finance and the DeFi worlds together.

This gave us a unique experience and was a departure from the usual crypto native crowds found at other conferences. Nevertheless, our presence proved significant. We were able to introduce the concept of a physical-digital bridge to every casual or newly curious crypto attendee who stopped by our booth.

On Day 1 of Mainnet NYC, our co-founder and CEO Richard Li delivered a prominent keynote presentation to a packed room. He laid out the core objectives of how 4K brings value to the NFT space. The response was positive and stoked an increased interest in 4K's capabilities and roadmap.

Throughout the course of Mainnet NYC, we were able to connect with thought leaders and peers in the crypto space. It was evident that a physical-to-digital bridge acts as a new frontier and 4K is leading the charge.

By the end of Mainnet NYC, it was clear that 4K was the talk of the conference. It was exciting to see such a positive response to 4K from both the traditional financial and crypto worlds.


This past December, the 4K team landed in Miami for DCentral Con, a two-day event showcasing the latest tech in DeFi and NFTs.

You don't go to Miami unless you go big, and that's exactly what 4K did. With our expansive floor display and informational booth, there was no doubt 4K's presence was felt.

Our banner touted our 'physical-digital bridge' while glass cases displayed some of the hottest luxury items available. The watches, handbags, and sneakers all were great examples of physical assets that could crossover into the digital world as NFTs.

CEO and co-founder Richard Li was asked to speak on a panel about the future of real world assets venturing into the digital world. Although it was a panel of leaders in the physical to digital space, Richard was the standout with his commentary on the current state of the physical to digital NFT world.

There was no doubt we attracted a significant wave of on-lookers at DCentral. Every member of the 4K team worked to connect with convention-goers and explain the many benefits of 4K's protocol. It was a joint effort by the 4K team considering we all hailed from various disciplines: Our engineering, product, marketing, and design teams came together to promote 4K to the DCentral attendees. It was the true definition of teamwork and a great representation of the culture here at 4K.

As DCentral Con ended, there was no doubt that the 4K team made an impact in the NFT and Crypto community. We were able to deliver our core messaging and let the Crypto and NFT worlds know that 4K is a leader in the space.


With a new year come renewed excitement as we continue to make a name for ourselves in the Crytpo world. Expect many more adventures and news from 4K in 2022!

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