Tutorial: How to Buy on 4K

February 1st, 2022

How do I buy items on 4K?

Marketplace Basics

The 4K Marketplace is the central hub for conducting transactions between buyers and sellers of items on our platform. Items listed on the 4K Marketplace are NFTs, or Non-Fungible-Tokens. These NFTs represent tangible, physical items that have been "digitally-bridged" by the 4K Protocol. In practice, this means that a seller has taken a physical item, stored it in a secure vault owned by 4K, and minted a digital representation of that item as an NFT.

Once a seller lists one of these "digitally-bridged" items on our Marketplace, the item will be available for purchase using your crypto wallet.

Connecting your wallet

Before completing any transactions on the 4K Marketplace, you'll need to make sure you have successfully connected a crypto wallet to 4K.

For now, the only supported self-custodial wallet is MetaMask.

For full instructions on connecting your wallet, follow the steps outlined in this article.

Making a purchase

Step 1: Enter the 4K Marketplace

Upon entering the marketplace, you will be prompted by your crypto wallet for a signature request. Ensure your wallet is connected, and approve the request.

Once in the marketplace, explore the item inventory based on category or new arrivals.

Step 2: Buy or make offer on an item

When you see an item you are interested in, click on the thumbnail to see the full details. Each item listing contains a set of photos, attributes, pricing information, and token details.

Buy Now

If you are ready to purchase the item immediately, click the "Buy Now" button under the current price module.

Upon clicking "Buy Now", the 4K Marketplace will once again ask to access your wallet. Confirming this request will complete your purchase. Keep in mind that there may be gas fees associated with your transaction.

Once the transaction is completed, the following confirmation screen will appear.

Make Offer

An alternative to the "Buy Now" option is "Make Offer." Making an offer on an item is a way to enter a bid for an item that is lower than the Seller's originally requested price. After you make a bid, the Seller will be notified and can either accept or reject your offer.

To make an offer, begin by clicking the "Make Offer" button.

A module screen will appear with a numeric field to enter your offer price. When you are ready to submit the offer, click the "Bid" button at the bottom of the module.

Upon clicking "Bid," the 4K Marketplace will once again ask to access your wallet. Confirming this request will complete your offer bid.

Step 3: View the Dashboard Profile to view your purchased items

Once your transaction is complete, you can view the portfolio of items you own by clicking the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page. Under the dropdown options, click "Profile."

The Dashboard Profile acts as a portfolio for all of your currently owned items. From this page, you are able to resell the item directly on the 4K Marketplace, or redeem the digital NFT for the physical item.

We recommend updating your profile to include your username and email as soon as possible to stay notified on the status of your items.

What’s Next?

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