Why We’re Moving Our Blog to Mirror.xyz
January 26th, 2022


  • Crypto-native: Posts are stored on-chain using a Web3 native protocol.
  • Cryptographically Secure: Posts are owned by 4K and not by a centralized intermediary.
  • Supports fellow builders: Embeds our work within the larger crypto ecosystem and supports those building the future of Web3.

Greetings, crypto community!

As Web3 continues to evolve, new tools are rapidly being created to provide decentralized versions of common Internet services like content management, blog hosting, and storage provisioning. At 4K, we’re committed to supporting the crypto ecosystem by fully embracing the latest in Web3 tooling, starting by transitioning our hosted blog content over to Mirror.xyz.

With decentralization, cryptographic security, and Web3 nativity as core platform values, Mirror is quickly becoming the de facto hub for cutting-edge crypto communities to communicate, learn, and grow.

Many of the tools currently available for hosting written content online contain suspect clauses within their Terms of Service contracts (e.g., ownership agreements, data collection requirements, and digital advertising conditions) that detract from the end goal of sharing information on an open web.

Even Medium, originally touted as a solution to the logistical woes of setting up an in-house content system, has gone the way of Web2 by retaining certain publishing rights over your content.

As our online lives become richer and more personal, decentralization and ownership have moved from being “nice-to-haves” to a necessary part of preserving the integrity of our digital public discourse.

Hosting our blog on Mirror allows us to do a few cool things:

  1. Our content is tied directly to an ETH wallet address, making the 4K identity portable across Web3.
  2. We can bring in new contributors to add content to the main 4K feed while retaining their ownership rights and individuality.
  3. Posts made on Mirror use blockchain storage protocol Arweave to provide permanent secure backup, avoiding the use of a main centralized server.

Other features we think make Mirror a good longterm bet for the future of Web3 content:

  1. Mirror offers tools to help users monetize their content through the use of native tokens — WRITE — and the ability to turn posts into transferrable NFTs.
  2. Users can easily create crowdfunding hubs to generate the capital needed for new projects and crypto initiatives.

Over the coming months, 4K will use Mirror to bring you the most insightful content related to Web3 marketplaces, NFTs, and the broader Web3 ecosystem. We have so many exciting things to share with you about what we’ve been working on, and we’re stoked for you to join us on the journey to build the world’s most reliable physical-digital bridge.


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