Acumen StableDapp

The Acumen Stabledapp is the core application of the Acumen Protocol, the Stabledapp allows users to browse both Fixed and Senior Pools. Through the Stabledapp Stablecoin holders can deposit in the Fixed Pools or provide liquidity to the Senior Pool.

Acumen Fixed Pools

Acumen offers Fixed Pools that enable users to participate in tokenized Real World Asset pools. These pools provide an opportunity for stablecoin holders to earn an attractive, stable, uncorrelated yield. Acumen has designed the Fixed Pools to cater to various risk profiles, allowing users to allocate funds according to their comfort levels.

The Fixed Pools encompass a wide array of tokenization deals from third party entities, facilitated through the Acumen platform. This includes diverse offerings such as loans backed by Real Estate or the corporate debt of publicly traded companies. Through this initiative, Acumen democratizes the investment landscape, offering opportunities traditionally limited to ultra-high net worth individuals or major institutions to DeFi participants.

Fixed Pool Creation

A Fixed Pool is created once a firm (borrower) operating within the TradFi market and looking to raise additional capital proposes a deal to the Acumen DAO, the deal and all documentation pertaining to the proposal is then assessed by the DAO and approved or declined through a voting process. Within this proposal certain terms are established concerning the structure of the deal for example:

Interest Rate: Fixed interest rate APR, e.g. 10%

Principal: Total capital that can be borrowed, e.g. US$10M

Loan Term: Length of time until the full principal is due, e.g. 365 days.

Liquidity: Frequency of interest and principal payments, e.g. every 30 days.

Collateral: Assets that can be pledged to back the loan.

Acumen DAO is a legal entity within the El Salvador legal jurisdiction hence all Fixed Pools are secured through a contract between the Acumen DAO and the firm intending to open a Fixed Pool, meaning there are legal obligations for borrowers. Then acting under the oversight of the digital asset service provider license provided to Acumen DAO by the Government of El Salvador, the Acumen protocol acts as the platform linking DeFi participants with available pools.


Users of Acumen are able to browse Fixed Pools through the Acumen Stabledapp. The pool specific pages have detailed specs of each deal displaying the aforementioned terms based upon which a Fixed Pool is created. Additionally users may have access to highlights of the investment opportunity, financial analysis from independent credit experts, repayment terms, an interactive schedule, a detailed borrower profile, risk mitigation strategies being employed by the pool and recent activity of investors. Acumen DAO S.A. de C.V. DOES NOT PROVIDE INVESTMENT ADVICE OR MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS. The Acumen protocol receives the information regarding the pools from third parties consequently, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information received. Users are able to deposit either USDC, USDT or DAI into a specific fixed pool smart contract to become an investor and gain access to the Fixed Pool yield expressed in APY. After depositing, depositors will receive collateral tokens to represent their share of the pool that will increase in value as interest is earned.

Capital Deployment and Repayment

Once a pool is filled, stablecoins are off-ramped into fiat currency and issued to the capital deployer, according to the terms established within the pool proposal. The capital deployer then transfers interest and principal payments to Acumen which are converted and deposited into the Fixed Pool smart contract in the denomination of the pool: either USDC, USDT or DAI, (based on the stablecoin they had deposited) and are available for participants to withdraw.

Repayment Incentives

Fixed Pool borrowers are incentivised to repay the owed interest and principal in a timely manner by a range of factors.

  • Acumen has legal authority as an Authorized Lender to collect on collateral upon non-payment.

  • Late fees may be levied on any firms that miss payment deadlines. Terms may vary based on each Fixed Pool.

  • Default and late payments would affect the respective firms' on-chain credit history, preventing them from raising capital from Acumen and potentially other RWA financing protocols in the future. Hence firms are incentivised to pay on time and in full.

Acumen Senior Pool

The Senior Pool offered by Acumen allocates capital across a range of Fixed Pools and decentralized finance platforms. We believe this structure provides balanced exposure, thereby reducing the risks associated with investing in any single Fixed pool. Notably, the Senior Pool does not come with a maturity period, allowing liquidity providers enhanced liquidity and flexibility. However, it's important to note that capital withdrawal requests from the Senior Pool are scheduled bi-weekly. While offering the convenience of more frequent capital access, as a trade-off for its liquidity and diversified approach, the Senior Pool carries a lower APY compared to the Fixed Pools.

Acumen Pool Risks

Acumen DAO assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the description of the pools. Acumen DAO does not endorse or represent the completeness, reliability or accuracy of any content or information distributed through or accessed from the protocol website, and has not performed any investigation into such information. We make no representation or warranty regarding the legality or compliance of any offering in your jurisdiction.  Acumen DAO shall not be liable for any investment decisions made based upon such information. You agree that any reliance upon any content or information distributed through or accessed from the website is at your sole risk. You are strongly advised to consult a licensed legal professional and investment advisor for any legal, tax, insurance, or investment advice as the  Acumen DAO does not provide any of the foregoing advice or recommendations. All participants must comply with Acumen Terms and Conditions which may be updated from time to time at Acumen's sole discretion.

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