Using NFTs to empower community with Addonis Parker

NFT = Opportunity

A brief on NFTs by our friend @matai_theNFTguy who is helping us plan this release

Non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) are being used to revolutionize how digital art and content are collected by providing:

  • Verifiable digital ownership of digital media and content stored on trusted and decentralized blockchain networks
  • New easy to use marketplaces where artists and collectors can buy, trade and sell digital content in the form of NFTs
  • Royalty fees on all future resales to support artists and creatives as their work is valued beyond their first sale

All while catalyzing the adoption of better security, identity management, and most importantly community driven approaches to sharing access to content and experiences.

NFTs are the future of how digital collectibles will be stored and traded, and the time is now for us to use this technology for the better to continue to empower and uplift artists and the communities around them.

Addonis’ NFT Roadmap

Addonis plans to use NFTs to offer verified digital editions of his artwork to collectors and community members as they join him in helping to empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Some of Addonis’ NFTs will offer ownership of original physical artwork, like the 1-of-1 From Paris With Love NFT honoring Josephine Baker, while others will be digital representations that may come with or offer the chance to win artwork prints.

His first NFT drop to be released during the upcoming 2021 Art Basel week, with future plans for continued releases of limited edition NFTs and a groundbreaking AI generative series.

Addonis NFT holders will have the chance to attend virtual and in person community events focused on art and empowerment.



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