From Paris With Love NFTs are now live on OpenSea

Join us in honoring Josephine Baker

The NFT digital art collection, minted as NFTs available on NFT marketplace OpenSea, originated from a request by the French Consulate to create a portrait in honor of Josephine Baker’s 2021 induction into the Pantheon.

Unveiled during the 2021 Miami Art Week, the location was especially significant, as in 1951, Josephine Baker’s refusal to perform for a segregated crowd at the Copa City Club in Miami Beach led to integration sweeping across the US.

For the first time ever, Addonis is auctioning off one of his physical paintings as an NFT, with the owner of the From Paris With Love - Original Painting NFT able to claim the physical painting in December 2022, after its been shown for public appreciation in the French Consulate for one year from its unveiling.

20 editions of Addonis’ animated rendition of the artwork, The Stars are Out & Mourning in Paris will also come with a limited series of 20 signed physical prints of the painting, providing buyers with both a valuable physical and digital collectible honoring the legendary Josephine Baker.

This NFT collection connects the important moments in Ms. Baker’s life: the Pantheon in Paris, French Consulate of Miami, the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, and the world via web 3.0 and NFTs. Addonis and his community are grateful for the opportunity to honor the legend that is Josephine Baker.

How to participate

NFT sale will open to the public on December 2nd.

To buy the NFTs that are being sold at a fixed price, you will need to have Ethereum (ETH) in a crypto wallet that is compatible with OpenSea, we recommend MetaMask.

To place a bid on the NFTs that are being sold at auction, you will need to have USDC in your MetaMask.

ETH and USDC can be easily purchased within the MetaMask browser extension or by using an external exchange. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Download the MetaMask wallet as a Google Chrome browser extension (there is also a mobile app)
  2. To buy and transfer ETH or USDC to your Metamask wallet, use (offers immediate withdrawal) or Coinbase (allows you to withdraw within 4-5days for new users). If you already have an exchange account, you can use that exchange to send funds to your MetaMask wallet.
  3. Use your MetaMask wallet to place a bid or buy on the NFT from Addonis’ collection From Paris With Love on OpenSea

To learn more about the drop or ask any questions, join us on Discord

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