Aelin Council March Elections
March 21st, 2022

Voting for the Aelin Council, the governing body of the Aelin Protocol, are now open. The epoch will last three months, from April 1 to July 1.

All members elected to the Aelin Council will be paid .2 AELIN per month, which is approximately $4,000 at current values.

Voting will close on April 1st, please act quickly if you're interested in being elected to the Aelin Council.

Aelin Council Responsibility Summary

The Aelin Council is the governing body of the Aelin Protocol.

The Council consists of 5 members voted in by $AELIN token holders and LPs for an epoch lasting three months.

The Aelin Council is responsible for managing the protocol treasury, paying core contributors and third-party auditors/ developers, and voting on community, protocol, and governance-related proposals.

Each Council member will receive a monthly stipend of 0.2 $AELIN at the end of each month of service.

Aelin Council Elections Timeline

March 18 - Nominations for the Council will begin. All nominations are to be done in the #aelin-council nominations channel. Anyone can nominate themselves and pitch themselves to the community. Include your ETH address and tag “Matt | Aelin”

Nominations will take place over seven days. All nominations can be viewed on google sheets

March 25 - Elections will begin for the nominations provided in the #aelin-council-nominations channel that has an ETH address provided.

Voting is done on snapshot - Any staker or LP has the ability to vote. Connect your wallet and you’ll be able to vote immediately.

April 1 - Elections will conclude, and a new epoch will begin for the Aelin Council.

Elections will take place over Snapshot. A tutorial and further announcements on voting will follow.

Nomination Guidelines

Please nominate yourself in the #aelin-council-march22-nominations channel on the Aelin Discord. You must tag "Matt | Aelin” and post your wallet address (or ens) that you can vote from (and receive stipend payments). It’s recommended to include a pitch so the community knows why they should support you.

Voting Eligibility

As per AELIP-2, staked AELIN and staked AELIN LP tokens are eligible for voting rights. Please stake your tokens ASAP if you would like to vote.

All voting will take place over Snapshot. A subsequent announcement will be made once voting has begun.

Any Questions?

Head over to our Discord (link below) to ask questions regarding Aelin or the governance process.

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