Curator Economy

In an era where there's a digital abundance of everything on the internet, curation becomes as rewarding as creation.

You might be familiar with the term creator economy, but have you heard about the term curator economy? You may have heard or may not have, but that’s not the point. While the term creator economy is mainstream and popular, curator economy is not a very popular term. Before proceeding let’s define what a creator vs curator is:

Creator: Someone who creates stuff on the internet.

Curator: Someone who curates stuff on the internet.

Now let’s talk about why don’t we hear the term curator economy as frequently as creator economy. The rationale is straightforward: we often categorize curators as creators, grouping them within the creator economy. This parallel can be drawn from my earlier essay Influencer where we differentiated between creators and influencers and how we consider influencers as creators counting them in the creator economy only. But I believe the curator economy is an economy in itself just like the creator economy, curators aren’t and shouldn’t be just limited to the creator economy or content creation because right now we live in an era where there’s a digital abundance of everything on the internet thus requiring the need of people with good judgment and taste to curate in any part of the internet. If you possess excellent judgment and taste in a particular niche, the internet can reward you as generously as it does a creator.

Thank you!

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