Age of Judgement

AI age, the age of judgement, direction, and taste.

Recently I started working on my first generative art project which is going well, it had been delayed for a very long time because of my not-so-good relationship with coding. So how did I get it started and running now? I’m taking a lot of help and guidance from ChatGPT, and this got me thinking right now we live in the information age which is the age of skill and information, we learn tools and techniques to create or complete jobs and gigs. But with the drastic development in AI, we are moving towards an age where skills wouldn’t matter, what would really matter will be judgement, direction, and taste. With AI being able to do the execution all that is left for humans would be ideas, direction, and taste. Right now AI can do complex stuff with just a prompt or two, but still, it’s not at that stage where it can build our original ideas or understand our intuitive direction with that ease we need to do some trial and error, explain and reexplain, and even do some manual work. But it’s not very far that the AI will be doing all the execution itself no matter how nuanced or layered our prompt is, the tools we use that require skills and expertise to operate will become AI integrated all we need to do would be command and direct and AI will take care of the execution. The information age is all about abundance, the AI age will be all about scarcity. That sounds amazing and scary at the same time, people with creative gifts and taste will be the kings and those who aren’t in the creative domains will suffer, but I’m sure we will come up with something and adapt to it humans had the same fear during the transition from Industrial to information age but here we are. Life is nothing but constant change to which humans have always evolved and adapted.

Thank you!

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