The Many Robot Experiences

Here is a list of topics and business areas where Relay’s web3-enabled Robots could assist users. These are mostly not-yet implemented product ideas, and some are easier to build than others.

But with LLMs, the current sci-fi moonshots seem to become a reality much sooner than expected. Relay’s info is at the bottom if you would like a Robot to be made at the ENS name: ai.yourcompany.eth

User Onboarding

  1. The relevant initial conversational direction and prompt of the agent

  2. The default responses of the agent when the user input is undirected or confused.

  3. Agent assistance leads to a +EV boost in first-time users engagement and high-level understanding of the product

  4. Chatbot personalization based on the user's transaction history and token holdings, providing a tailored experience

  5. Proactive assistance with setting up and configuring user wallets, ensuring smooth onboarding

  6. Agent can provide a guided tour of the platform, highlighting key features and use cases for new users

User Education

  1. Agent can explain everything in the docs, with multiple levels of expertise (from ELI5 to crypto expert)

  2. Can explain company position in relation to competitors and the web3 landscape.

  3. Can focus in on the business CTA for the user, and the value prop thereof

  4. Agent can offer interactive quizzes to test user understanding of platform features and concepts

  5. Can provide real-world use case examples to help users better understand the potential applications of the platform

  6. Customizable learning paths based on user's prior knowledge and interests

User Support

  1. Agent can help with common user problems

  2. Discord/CRM bridge for transparency and, if needed, human support intervention

  3. Escalation to a human based on keywords or sentiment analysis

  4. Multi-language support for a wide range of users

  5. Agent can detect user frustration and proactively offer support or alternative solutions

  6. Integration with knowledge base and FAQ for quick and efficient access to information

Developer “DevRel” Support

  1. SDK education/explanation

  2. SDK troubleshooting

  3. Help with Github template creation, with a deeper Github sign-in to the chat widget

  4. Agent can assist with API documentation and usage examples

  5. Can connect developers with relevant communities and resources for further support

  6. Help developers understand and implement best practices for integration with the platform

Sales Channel

  1. Agent can convince users to buy digital products with crypto

  2. Agent recognizes the receipt of tokens, and can disburse an NFT/digital good/event ticket

  3. Agent can collect user information and ask followup questions to segment leads

  4. Agent can offer personalized product recommendations based on user's interests and token holdings

  5. Can upsell or cross-sell related products and services to provide a more comprehensive solution for users

  6. Agent can answer questions about pricing, payment options, and refund policies

DeFi Interaction

  1. The agent can assist users with onchain interactions

    1. Metamask Swap

    2. Uniswap Swap

    3. ENS Registration

    4. Maker DAI creation / swapping

  2. The agent can tell the user about their token holdings on any EVM chain

  3. The agent can provide real-time data on token prices, liquidity pools, and other DeFi metrics

  4. Can walk users through staking, lending, or borrowing processes on various DeFi platforms

  5. The agent can offer risk assessments and advice on portfolio management for DeFi investments

  6. Agent can autonomously manage user's DeFi investments by actively monitoring market conditions and adjusting portfolio allocations based on predefined risk profiles.

DAO Interaction

  1. The agent can explain the main governance features of a DAO and proposal system

  2. The agent can explain who the largest / most active delegates are.

  3. The agent can explain the current proposals, and the active forum discussions

  4. The agent knows the entirety of forum discussions / discord channel / official twitter / blog posts about a DAO

  5. The agent can assist users in delegating or voting on an active proposal

  6. The agent can guide users through the process of submitting a proposal or joining a working group within the DAO

  7. Can provide updates on the status of proposals and ongoing discussions

  8. The agent can offer insights on the historical performance of the DAO, including past proposals and their outcomes

User Data Insights

  1. Relay could use wallet data analytics such as Absolute Labs

  2. Most frequent bot questions / answers

    1. Also agent answers that end a conversation (no user response) could be important

    2. User emoji reactions to denote positive or unhelpful responses

  3. Sentiment analysis of user feedback to identify areas for improvement and optimize the chatbot experience

  4. Analysis of common user paths and drop-off points to inform platform UX/UI improvements

  5. Periodic reporting on chatbot interactions, user satisfaction, and support metrics to track performance over time

Communication Channels

  1. Website chat widget

  2. XMTP clients

  3. Other web3 messaging adapters

  4. ChatGPT plugin or Poe API

  5. Discord / Telegram bot

  6. Integration with email and SMS for outbound notifications and support

  7. Voice-based interface for users who prefer a more natural, conversational interaction

  8. Omnichannel support, allowing users to seamlessly switch between different communication methods while maintaining conversation context

NFT Marketplace Assistance

  1. Agent can provide information on the latest NFT drops, trending collections, and artists

  2. Can guide users through the process of buying, selling, or minting NFTs on various platforms

  3. The agent can offer tips on NFT valuation, rarity, and provenance

  4. Can assist users in setting up and managing their NFT gallery or portfolio

Gaming and Metaverse Support

  1. The agent can introduce users to popular blockchain-based games and virtual worlds

  2. Can provide guidance on in-game assets, currencies, and tokenized items

  3. The agent can help users navigate and participate in metaverse events and experiences

  4. Can offer tips on game strategies, leveling up, and earning rewards

Social and Community Engagement

  1. The agent can facilitate user connections with other platform members based on shared interests or token holdings

  2. Can inform users about upcoming community events, AMAs, and webinars

  3. The agent can help users find and join relevant sub-communities within the platform

  4. Can encourage user-generated content and sharing of experiences with the platform

Security and Privacy Guidance

  1. The agent can provide best practices for securing wallets, tokens, and digital assets

  2. Can educate users on potential scams, phishing attempts, and security risks in the web3 ecosystem

  3. The agent can offer guidance on maintaining privacy while interacting with blockchain-based platforms

  4. Can assist users in setting up multi-factor authentication and other security measures for their accounts

We hope this informs your ideas of everything a web3-enabled chatbot can do for your company!

We’re building this out with these more advanced bots going live this summer, email or message seanwbren.eth on if you would like a demo.

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