DWF Labs pledged to support the AGLD ecosystem

The AGLD community has entered into a long-term financial support deal with DWF Labs, the digital asset market maker, and multi-stage web3 investment firm. DWF Labs recognizes the AGLD ecosystem’s strong positioning within the Autonomous World builders community and is providing support towards accelerating that movement, with the upcoming launch of the Loot chain.

DWF Labs have pledged to purchase a 7-digit amount worth of AGLD tokens and to provide support to the community through their network and partners. This partnership could be essential to the AGLD community’s efforts in building tools for fully-on-chain game builders.

As the original token to accompany the Loot project, AGLD enjoys a legacy status and significance within the composable blocks for building on-chain games ideology. Thanks to the support provided by DWF Labs, AGLD can now build and deploy more initiatives aimed to build autonomous worlds.

DWF Labs has been supporting projects throughout many ecosystems. The AGLD community is confident that with the long-term financial support provided by DWF Labs, the growth and the scalability of the AGLD ecosystem over the coming year will accelerate.

About AGLD

AGLD was fair launched as the token to be used alongside the Loot NFT project. As the original token of composable building blocks, the AGLD community strongly supports the development of Autonomous Worlds. As gamefi and play to earn are failing to find a fit, and also web 2.5 gaming has failed to truly innovate, autonomous world and fully on-chain gaming allow for communities to self-govern and expand on the games that they enjoy. With the upcoming launch of the Loot chain, AGLD aims to support autonomous world builders via two major initiatives, one of which is a discovery platform that surfaces the best on-chain games in the ecosystem and partners with key community leaders to increase engagement. In addition, AGLD will provide a set of infrastructure and toolkits together with the Loot Chain to improve the developer experience.

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