AGLD is building Autonomous Worlds [part 2: How]

We previously discussed why we are building the Autonomous Worlds in part 1 of this series of articles. In this article, we are going to discuss "how" we are building the Autonomous Worlds. We will discuss our values & principles and will explain how that leads to our methodologies and preferences for cultivating an economy of autonomous worlds.

Value & principles

Our Values

Our values sit closely with the value of the Loot community as well as Autonomous Worlds. Later we distill them into the principles that guide our strategy & execution.

  • Long Term Mindset

    • The Loot & Autonomous Worlds communities seek to create the next generation of realities where people live their lives. Here at AGLD DAO, we make decisions with a long-term mindset to maximize ecosystem prosperity in the long run. We all seek to make a positive impact on this world, and given a longer time horizon, we are more likely to make the right decisions that accumulate more effort. Autonomous worlds represent the pinnacle of innovation on decentralized applications, and it takes time for us to prove to the rest of the world with real tractions.

    • By taking a long-term mindset, we are able to put the right amount of emphasis on growth potential and make decisions that may not seem profitable in the short term but will yield dividends in the long run.

  • Positive Sum

    • The AGLD DAO was established with the intention of creating value, not just extracting it. Our goal is to ensure that our actions contribute to the overall growth and benefit of everyone involved. While it might be simpler to target an already profitable market, our mission goes beyond mere competition. The creation of the AGLD token wasn't a response to another token's success or market cap. Instead, it was a bold initiative to enhance Loot with an ERC20 token, freeing the Loot community from the constraints of the NFT format. The formation of the AGLD DAO wasn't motivated by the financial success of other DAOs but by the potential to rejuvenate the Lootverse. From the outset, our focus has been on adding value, not extracting it, and we remain committed to this principle.

    • Having a positive sum mindset will ensure that we unite as many individuals and entities as possible. In this way, there are two main benefits. One is that we can have as much support as possible, which is a net benefit for the ecosystem. The second benefit is that by doing so we introduce friendly competition. If there exists another DAO that can do a better job than AGLD DAO to incentivize the Loot and Autonomous World ecosystem, we will be happy to see that and have no regret.

  • Permissionless Innovation

    • Anyone can create and build without permission from any person or entity. That's the spirit of blockchain, crypto, as well as for Loot & Autonomous Worlds.

    • This is the core value an open ecosystem relies on, compared to centralized walled gardens. Permissionless innovation is the source of creative projects and would ensure a diverse ecosystem.

    • If building new things on a platform needed permission from any individual or entity, it would mean that the whole ecosystem has limited potential, which is determined by whatever that individual or entity feels is worth building. A lot of platforms get started with a niche focus, claiming that they would like to transition to a permissionless platform in the long run. More often, we see open platforms closed off, rather than closed platforms open up.

    • Therefore, from day one of launching the Loot Chain, the AGLD DAO would ensure that this is a place where anything can be built by anyone, without any permission.

  • Autonomous & Independent growth

    • Community & ecosystem members are autonomous and independent. This means that they are free to join and free to leave. There should be as few boundaries or as little friction as possible. Loot has never been a place where people are not allowed to leave or have to pay up a large sum of capital to leave. We are very proud that there has been a few successful projects arising from the Loot ecosystem, and they have made a positive impact on the world.

    • Fundamentally, we believe that an open ecosystem will out-compete a closed-off ecosystem in the long run. We will never make integrating Loot NFT or AGLD tokens compulsory for any team or project. Obviously, we would welcome those who do, but to build on the Loot Chain or to continually operate on the Loot Chain, there shall be no more requirements than just paying the necessary gas fees, which should be low for a very long time.

Our Principles

Our principles are inspired by our values. They serve as the general guideline when designing and implementing our methodology to cultivate and curate a universe of Autonomous Worlds upon the Lootverse.

  • Decentralized

    • we strive to decentralize the curation process, making sure that this important early phase of growth does not have a single point of failure. The community will have a strong say on which project gets support and we welcome feedback from all angles.
  • Transparent

    • what's happening in the AGLD and Loot ecosystem should be transparent to all community members. Obviously, what's on-chain should be transparent by default. Our off-chain processes and activities, including discussions, decision makings and ultimately important changes via governance will all be made transparent.
  • Composable

    • we seek to cultivate projects that are composable with each other. Not reinventing the wheel should be an important second nature of projects besides building the best product out there.


  • Curate the projects which align with our core values

    • by curating our core values into the first few projects, we make sure that the ecosystem has a few role models to follow. This cultivates a healthy environment for community collaboration, ensuring future synergies.
  • Maintain a permissionless mindset, by all means, we wouldn't stop or discourage anyone to build outside of our mentioned core values. We believe in the power of natural selection in an open economy.

  • Initially hands-on, gradually hands-off

    • in the early days of exploring what's possible with Autonomous Worlds, the AGLD DAO will partake in this adventure and provide hands-on support and guidance to ecosystem projects.

    • gradually, as the ecosystem begins to mature, the AGLD DAO will be more hands-off and allow ecosystem projects to freely explore.

Projects preferences

Though we do not forbid any projects to build on the Loot Chain, we do have some preferences on projects onboarding to the Loot Chain initially. We will announce an ecosystem grants program soon.

  • Technology: it should be fully on-chain

    • All of the state & logic of the game should be stored on the chain.

    • Preferably the state and logic of the game should be stored and executed on the Loot Chain. However, we also welcome projects that use multiple blockchains or other decentralized storage/database at the same time if that fits their design goal.

  • Theme: feels like it belongs to the Lootverse

    • Projects should incorporate the Lootverse theme and vibe when it comes to the art style and game design.

    • Preferably the Lootverse NFTs (Loot, More Loot, Genesis Adventurers and Realms) and the AGLD token are used in a meaningful way in the project. This allows the projects to share a similar ethos and vibe to what the Loot community is already familiar with. The project would also align with the interest of the Loot community.

  • Game Design: it should be expandable and modular

    • Projects should be built in a composable and open-source manner so that other projects who want to interact with them can do so and build on top of them.

    • This ensures that projects are not only judged by their own user traffic and capital volume but also by the projects that are enabled by them. In this way, we ensure that the community does not waste time reinventing the wheel, so we can have more meaningful innovations.

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