Introducing The Adventure Forge Token (AFG)

We are excited to unveil The Adventure Forge Token, an unique initiative in community participation for the FOCG/AW ecosystem. The Adventure Forge is a cutting-edge platform designed to bridge the different facets of gaming, NFTs, and token projects within the vibrant community of the Lootverse and AGLD. Built on the foundation of sovereignty and transparency, the Adventure Forge is more than a platform - it’s a launchpad for collaborative ideas that propel projects into the Lootverse and beyond. This announcement provides a comprehensive overview of the tokenomics, distribution phases, and points incentive system.

AFG Token Powers

  • Nature of Token: The Adventure Forge Token (AFG) is forged to allow holders to actively use and execute the token and associated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), enabling limitless use cases and enriching the user experience in our ecosystem.

  • Total Supply: With a total supply of 8 billion tokens, we aim to distribute broadly and foster widespread participation and utility across our platform.

  • Distribution Method: AFG will be accessible through a free minting process on the Ethereum blockchain initially. Participants can mint tokens directly to their accounts via Etherscan, with the number of tokens mintable being directly influenced by their accrued and claimed HP points, as detailed in the below incentive system.

  • Utility: Holding at least 1 million AFG tokens will be required for future IDO participation. There will be additional utilities such as staking and bonding LP tokens.

Adventure Chapters

The AFG token's distribution is segmented into three strategic chapters, each designed to engage our community and reward their involvement incrementally:

Prologue (before Chapter I): Early adopters can earn the first-ever HP Points through a variety of tasks explained in detail in the following section below.

Chapter I (2 weeks): Allocating 30% of the total supply (2.4 billion tokens), enables participants to mint tokens in proportion to their contribution.

Chapter II (~4 weeks*): Distributing an additional 20% of the supply (1.6 billion tokens), introduces new ways for earning HP Points through active engagement and contributions to the ecosystem's growth.

Chapter III (~8 weeks*): Final 10% of the supply (800 million tokens), emphasizing IDO participation and incentivizing continued community engagement.

There are still 40% of total AFG supply whose issuance is undisclosed. We will announce more details as the prologue unveils. Some hints: it would be used to incentivize staking AFG, providing liquidity for AFG, and other launchpad related activities.

HP Points System

In the Prologue, early participants can earn the first-ever HP points through a variety of tasks, giving them a head start and more opportunities to mint tokens:

  • Social Engagement:

    • Connecting a X (Twitter) account, following The Adventure Forge’s X profile, tagging friends in posts (1 HP per tag, up to 20 HP), and mentioning $AGLD in tweets. Maximum HP a user can get per week is 20 HP.

    • Joining The Adventure Forge DAO Discord server awards 5 HP.

  • Staking and Holding:

    • Stake 100 AGLD for 1 month earns 1 HP. Stake more than 1000 AGLD to get 10X more points, with no cap on the HP that can be earned through staking.

    • Hold at least 1 Loot before the snapshot, where holding 1 Loot for 1 week equals 2 HP, capped at 1000 HP. If the user has been 1 Loot or more for more than a year, the cap is raised to 2000 HP.

    • Holding at least 1 mLoot before the snapshot, where 1 mLoot for 1 week earns 0.02 HP, capped at 100 HP. If the user has been holding more than 1 mLoot or more for more than a year, the cap is raised to 200 HP.

  • Referral Invitations:

    • Refer your friends to use your unique code at signup, and receive a 10% bonus equal to all the HP your friend earns with no limit and expiration date. Your friend also receives 10% more HP for every HP they earn and claim.

Ensuing Chapters:

  • Chapter I: Tokens are minted from converting HP Points, which the user accumulated in the Prologue, based on the conversion rate of 1% of total HP  to 0.3% of total AFG supply.

  • Chapter II: HP & the AFG token can be earned through launchpad participation, with referral bonuses continuing, and special incentives such as staking AFG, providing AMM liquidity & bonding the LP token, staking AGLD, bridging Loot to the Loot Chain, staking Loot and other Lootverse NFTs. More details to be announced.

  • Chapter III: Focuses on IDO participation, with referral bonuses continuing and special incentives for holding AFG and participating in IDOs. More details to be announced.

Just Getting Started

This AFG introduction primarily focuses on the Prologue and its HP Points system. We are preparing even more exciting ideas for the ensuing chapters, which will be released within the next few weeks. Stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

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AGLD DAO is committed to building an autonomous world that embodies the principles of decentralization, transparency, fairness, and most importantly, community sovereignty. We believe this is the inevitable next step in the evolution of blockchain adoption, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.

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