Notice of Omikuji-POAP Distribution Campaign
January 9th, 2022


Commemorative POAPs will be issued to those who shop at the NFT collection "NFT Omikuji 2022", which is currently on sale 🎉.

The distribution period will be around the first or second week of February 2022.
I'll make an announcement on Twitter @akanexinfo when it is ready.

POAP distribution conditions

  • Purchase NFTs in "NFT Omikuji 2022" by January 31, 2022, 23:59 Japan time.
    This also applies to those who have already purchased the product.
  • You can buy any of them.
  • You can buy from whomever you want (even secondary distribution)
    People who have been listed as "To" in the "Sale" event of an Activity at least once are eligible.
  • Purchased NFTs do not have to be kept in your possession until the end of the period. However, please note that picture cards will be distributed to the holders of the fortune cards (see below for more information about picture cards).

If you have any questions, please contact us on Twitter @akanexinfo🙏

What is "NFT Omikuji 2022"?

This is an NFT collection consisting of 47 types of picture cards created by 16 Japanese NFT artists and CryptoMaids.

Check out the participating artists

Akane4475, the organizer of the event, will manually distribute "picture cards" to those who purchase items of the "fortune slip" variety.

The combination of fortune and picture cards is completely random, and you will not know where the cards will be delivered until you purchase them.

The fortunes are painted in a range from "great luck" to "great misfortune", so you can enjoy it as a light test of luck.

All the card.
All the card.

The primary distribution is all being sold at 0.001 ETH.

As of January 8, only about half of the "fortune slip" are left, so if you want to get POAP your hands on some, be sure to purchase them during the campaign period.

※ Barring any unforeseen problems, picture cards will be distributed within 24 hours of purchase. but, please note that if the "fortune slip" is sold or transferred immediately after purchase, the target of the picture card distribution will change.

※ Picture cards are delivered only once for each fortune.

Prior to this campaign, POAPs were distributed to the participating creators. If you haven't received yours yet, I urge you to get it get by the end of February!


準備が整いましたら Twitter @akanexinfo でアナウンスを行います。


  • 日本時間 2022年1月31日 23:59 までに「NFTおみくじ2022」のNFTを購入する
  • どれを購入してもOK
  • 誰から購入してもOK(二次流通でもOK)
  • 購入したNFTは、期間終了まで所持し続けなくてもOK ただし、絵札はおみくじの所持者に配布されますのでご注意ください(絵札について詳しくは下の項目をご確認ください)

ご不明な点ございましたら Twitter @akanexinfo までご連絡ください🙏




「fortune slip(おみくじ)」種のアイテムを購入した方に、主催者 好永アカネ が手動で「picture card(絵札)」を配布します。




一次流通は全て 0.001ETHで販売中です。


※ 予期せぬトラブルがない限り、絵札の配布は購入後24時間以内に行われますが、購入後即座におみくじを販売・または転送した場合、絵札の配布対象が変更になりますのでご注意ください。
※ 絵札はおみくじ1枚につき1回のみ配布されます。

このキャンペーンに先んじて、参加クリエイターを対象としたPOAPの配布を行いました。 まだ受け取っていない方はぜひ2月末までにゲットしてくださいね!

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