Forging the Realm
  1. The development of Akuma
  2. Going corporate
  3. Seasonal Airdrops
  4. The Devils are coming!
    1. A Devil on your shoulder
    2. Upgrading and experimenting

The development of Akuma

In our latest article, we took some time to reflect on the development process of Akuma, how far we came, and what journey lies ahead of us. Since the launch of the project, the team has never stopped working and building on its future and the future of the space.

Let’s go back to the latest article real quick, where we came to the conclusion that Akuma is something truly unique. A project that inspires a whole community and brings its members closer together. A new frontier for us to explore and discover all the possibilities within the community.

Since launch day, our team has been hard at work realizing the vision we portrayed at the very start of the project. Today, I’m excited to give the community an update on what we have been working on.

Dovah Priest illustration sketch - by Shaquielle Emptage
Dovah Priest illustration sketch - by Shaquielle Emptage

Going corporate

With ever-evolving technology around crypto and WEB3, we are excited to be a part of the advancements to be made in the future and we truly believe in the unlimited possibilities of WEB3 and decentralization. However, to create a brand there are a bunch of corporate and legal hoops we have to jump through. Our team is based in Europe and that means we must abide by the local and European laws. This allows us to forge relationships with WEB2 companies, allows us to expand our network, broaden our artistic and creative boundaries and of course, pay our taxes…

Setting up the right legal structure for Akuma allows us to expand both in the WEB2 and WEB3 world and allows us to double down on our vision!

Seasonal airdrops

As described in our roadmap, one of our main goals is to cross over digital and physical items, we plan to deliver seasonal airdrops for Akuma holders. Simply holding your Yokai in your wallet will give you access to the seasonal drops until you sell your NFT. These airdrops will take the form of NFTs which can be traded in for physical and/or digital goods on our website. By trading in this airdropped NFT, it will be burned forever.

The creation of these physical items is something that takes time. We do not feel comfortable airdropping seasonal NFTs when we can’t offer digital and physical items that are up to par with our high standards. We are currently designing multiple collectible physical items and working together with suppliers and manufacturers to develop quality products. At this moment in time we are experimenting with collectible skateboard decks, figurines, concept art and merchandising (and much more!).

This process takes a little more time than we originally anticipated. We can not wait to share our physical and digital progress in the coming weeks!

This is why we decided to expand our vision and provide both art-based airdrops with Seasonal Airdrops and lore-driven drops. This is where the idea of the Little Devils first originated. It is our goal to bring the Realm to life and create a living and breathing space. This will be our first lore/story-driven drop.

The Little Devils

Worldbuilding and sharing the lore from the Realm are essential to us. One of our goals is to bring the Realm to life - The Little Devils are a key part of this (hi)story and is something we are very excited about. They tell a story of bravery, retaliation, and redemption and will be fully integrated into the lore and story about the Realm.


A Devil on your shoulder

The Little Devils will be an airdrop for all Yokai holders. For each Yokai you hold, you will be airdropped a Little Devil. The appearance of your Little Devil will depend on your Yokai’s faction. The base color will represent the color of the faction leader. There are 9 different factions: Commonwealth, Committee of Scholars, Mysterious Mages, Southern Faction, Eastern Tribe, Northern Faction, Sea Tribe, and of course, The Wanderers. Each Devil will act as a companion, a Devil on your shoulder.

Elemental Magic variations for the Little Devils - By Mateo A.
Elemental Magic variations for the Little Devils - By Mateo A.

Upgrading and experimenting

The Realm is a living and breathing place in the universe and it is our mission to keep expanding this sacred place. Hence why we decided to experiment with this airdrop and make it interactive. Our team is hard at work to create a system that allows you to stake and ‘upgrade’ your Little Devil! As a reward for staking your Little Devil, you will accumulate points. With these points, you can upgrade a particular trait. The Little Devils will have a set of traits that are unique to each faction. As stated previously in one of our live-stream sessions, our team is looking into creating seasonal traits and a marketplace where you can trade and/or sell your traits!

I would like to emphasize the fact that this is an early proof of concept and a work in progress. We are still in the experimental phase of these features but are very excited to make it work. As always, we are doubling down on quality instead of quantity. We will always be transparent about the development process, even when we hit a wall. Right now, our team is focusing on the creation of the Little Devils and the staking mechanism. We will update the community on the development process regularly.

You can expect some exciting teasers and sneak peeks starting today!

We will announce the first snapshot in the near future.

Little Devil wielding Void - By Mateo A.
Little Devil wielding Void - By Mateo A.
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