Lore - Ser Aubry Goldwen

House Goldwen

After the great war, house Goldwen was completely disbanded and most of the family members were either dead or missing. Their keep was burnt down by the Londrell army and their lands were ravaged raiders and savages. The lands of Goldwen are being ruled by Hakuma and his mercenaries.

Only one managed to escape the slaughter, Aubry Goldwen - Youngest son of Lord Goldwen. After roaming the lands that once belonged to his family for months, Aubry decided to travel to the big city of Muldrow. A place where dreams come true to die. 

Dovah’s Diary - Excerpt 11

It’s been a couple of months since my arrival in Muldrow, every story of opportunity in this god-forsaken place was a lie. I’ve managed to survive by panhandling, begging, and doing odd jobs here and there. Luckily, no one knows who I am. I managed to remain incognito, until yesterday…

While roaming the market yesterday, looking for some crumbs to eat, I bumped into a hooded Yokai with a dragon tattoo on his face. He remained silent while I apologized frantically. After I was done rambling apologies, he mumbled; Come with me Ser Goldwen.

I panicked and ran as fast as I could. No one is supposed to know I’m still alive. A part of my soul wanted me to stay and not run, but I could not take the chances - He could very well be my enemy. However, this morning when I woke up, I found a note in my backpack. Someone must have slipped it in while I was sleeping. 

Join us in Oberyn’s Tavern right before dusk - You’ll find us

Guess there is only one way to find out who they are…

Dovah’s Diary - Excerpt 53

Training has been absolutely grueling. Both physically and mentally. The priests have been learning me physical combat, history, and magic. Back at house Goldwen the Maester told me magic was for savages. I’m starting to think he was wrong. The priests have been threatening me pretty well. They are extremely strict and expect the students to be disciplined and stick to their routines. At least I have a roof over my head now, getting a meal at least once a day and we can are allowed to go to the bathhouse every week. I can not complain. 

Tonight I’m going into my first ritual. None of the priests has told me anything about the ritual but I’ve heard whispers about it. If you manage to survive the first ritual, the priests give you a new name. A new identity might be exactly what I need. 

Dovah’s Diary - Excerpt 67

Getting closer to getting the rank of Priest. I've been in this monastery for about 2 years now, I have to admit I lost count. Most of the students quit or failed one of the rituals. Yesterday, the Abbot gave me a book with a large gemstone on the cover. It’s sealed with a lock, a lock in the shape of a Devil. 

Take good care of this book Dovah, you will learn to operate the seal one day.

I’ve been trying to pry open the hanging lock, to no avail. Maybe I should trust the Abbot’s judgment and be patient. There is just one thing that bothers me… The book gives off some type of energy, but I can’t seem to understand its kind. During our courses, the priests told us about ancient artifacts holding different kinds of energy - Guess this is one of them. But, why me? Why have I gotten this magic book?

Dovah's book - A gift from the Abbot
Dovah's book - A gift from the Abbot


The spell has been cast

Loud knocking on the door

Who is it and why are you disturbing me on this God’s forbidden hour?

- It’s me Master Dovah, Todo-chi! May I come in?

Yes, Todo - Enter

- I’m sorry for disturbing you Master, I’m afraid I have some rather disturbing news…

Spit it out Todo

- It’s your spell book Master, I was awakened by a loud noise from the library and went to investigate. Your book Master, the seal broke… Completely by itself! I thought it was only possible to open it with a spell of your voice!? I wanted to bring the book with me to show you but it’s extremely painful to touch. Feels like lightning going through my veins when touching it!

Ah yes, it’s finally happening Todo-chi… For the sake of The Realm.

Dovah's book with broken seal
Dovah's book with broken seal
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