Challenges and updates
March 20th, 2022
  1. Challenges on our journey
  2. Changes to the collection
  3. Development on the Yokai’s DNA
  4. Opening the gates to the realm
  5. A short summary of changes

Challenges on our journey

While laying the final bricks of our roadmap, we were hit by a wrecking ball - forcing us to rebuild. This week we received the first prototype proposal from the supplier we were intending to use to manufacture the exclusive Akuma products. We were disappointed, to say the least. The prototype did not live up to our high expectations and the materials were sub-par compared to what we had envisioned. The manufacturer deviated from the high quality materials we had specified due to worldwide supply shortages without notifying us.

It is our mission to find a new manufacturer that can deliver the quality we want for this product. But for now, that search has been fruitless. Given the challenges we have recently faced, we are currently not in a position to give an estimated release date for the collectibles.

Changes to the collection

As a part of our rebuilding process we are actively looking for promising new ways to build high quality physical assets for our holders. After comparing new production costs, there is an opportunity to significantly lower the cost of production. This allows us to not only lower the mint price, but subsequently we have also made the decision to reduce the collection size to make it more exclusive. As stated many times before, one of our main goals is to deliver the highest quality, not mass produce our product.

Let’s talk numbers:

The mint price for one Yokai will be reduced from 0.08 Ξ to 0.055 Ξ. The collection size will be reduced from 8888 to 5555. Whitelisted members will be able to mint 2 Yokai, while OG members will be able to mint up to 3 Yokai. When the whitelist mint is conducted, the remaining stock will be allocated to the pool for public sale. Mint price for both whitelist and public mint will be equal at 0.055 Ξ. Our smart contract will be using the gas-efficient ERC-721A token.

Yokai DNA Development

Following last weeks major milestone in the development process of the generative algorithm, we can proudly say that the final touches have been made to make sure that every single Yokai is unique. As many of you know, this collection is created with only 8 pastel colors. To avoid a cacophonous of colors, we decided that every Yokai should have a color palette existing out of 3 colors. For example [white; yellow; black] or [black; black; red]. This was quite a technical challenge to achieve and we are glad we made it happen in an efficient way!

This week we have taken unprecedented measures to ensure the Yokai are unique. Our collection size is limited to 5555 Yokai, however the options extrapolate into the millions. In addition we have created a bespoke exclusion logic to make sure the Yokai are completely unique.

To fully align with Mateo’s vision of the Yokai, we developed a custom algorithm that draws the Yokai's traits from a specific color palette. The algorithm decides the color palette of the NFT right before it starts randomizing that specific NFT. You can find some examples in our discord!

Opening the realm

This server first started off behind locked gates, allowing only a handful of members in the discord each time. This allowed us to reward early supporters and build a very strong core community. However, with the release event approaching fast, and in light of the changes discussed above, we feel that it is time to open the gates. We'd like everyone to see what we are building and trying to achieve. This will allow us to give everyone a fair chance to take a look at what we are developing in our realm. You can find our discord linked below this article.

In a nutshell

A short summary of the changes that are made within Akuma Origins

  • Reduction of the mint price from 0.08 Ξ to 0.055 Ξ.
  • Reduction to the collection size from 8888 to 5555 Yokai.
  • Akuma’s discord server opening to the public.
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