Lore - Chapter 2

A storm is coming

For the first time in centuries, I can feel like the Realm is changing

I’ve been the Gatekeeper for centuries now, protecting the Realm against intruders, invaders, lesser- and bigger evil. But never have I felt like this before. Ever since Akuma has been released, the Realm has changed - and it’s worrying me. He only appears to wreak havoc in the factions and disappears before we can dispatch our Enforcers. For thousands of years, all factions have lived in peace but I have a feeling this is changing now, and it’s all Akuma’s game plan… For the first time in ages, the Eastern Tribe performed a raid on the Mysterious Mages. The raid was led by The Ghost of The Realm, who has not been seen outside his stronghold for a long time. As you can imagine, Lady Lust was not too happy about this incident. I’ve personally tried talking to her, but you know what she is like…

The Realm must stay united during these trying times. We have defeated Akuma once before and we will do it again. Unfortunately, he grew much stronger.

I’ve been digging deeper in to the incident that happened in the port of the Sea Tribe. I personally visited the tribe and talked to one of the local Head Enforcers. I’m afraid the detained Yokai was not acting alone and was being influenced by some creature that was with him. Reports from all over the Realm are coming in reporting the same ‘creature’ - but none of the reports can describe what they really look like - except the Scholars, let alone capture one of them. They seem to disappear into thin air, just to come back even viler…

One of the more interesting reports I’ve read came from the Community of Scholars, who are researching the appearances as well. 

Over a 14 day period, we have spotted the same creature twice. We can not confirm that it was the same creature 100%, but it had the exact same scar right across it’s tiny face. During the first appearance, the creature was disoriented, aggressive and all over the place. It was a pure form of uncontrolled aggression. A vile little red creature. The second appearance was exactly after 30 days -  it was way more controlled and it seemed like it knew what he was doing. He was also wielding some kind of orb in his tiny palms. When we tried to get closer, it disappeared again.

The Master sent the report to me personally. He told me it looked like the little version of Akuma…

The Devils are coming…

Suddenly I sensed it. The time has come, Akuma finally rose.

“Master, I have some horrible news, something happen-”

- I know Todo-chi, I know. Akuma returned from the prison I put him in... Please, leave my quarters. I need to sit down for a bit.

“Yes master, as you wish”

How could it be? This happened way too soon. The spell I cast over his prison was an eternal seal, impossible to break from the inside. Akuma must have gotten outside help to break the seal. Could it be un-intentional? Did someone find the prison and tamper with it?

I’ll have Todo-chi send out my elite unit of Yokai, the well-trained Tomohawk clan is perfectly suited for jobs like this. Before I brief them on their mission, I must send out ravens to deliver the message to all faction leaders and Gatekeeper - they should know…

Dovah's diary - Excerpt 654

It’s been REDACTED weeks now since Akuma was released. The Realm is in disarray like I’ve never seen it before. The once peaceful factions are on high alert and are very wary of each other. Raids are happening across factions, some Yokai are turning on each other and the faction leaders are deeply concerned. The only way we can restore peace in the Realm is to unite and put Akuma back where he came from. Unfortunately, it seems like we will go through some grim times before it will clear up again…

Dovah's diary - Excerpt 677

Gatekeeper and I disagree for once. We had a heated discussion about bringing peace to the Realm. "Whatever it takes" - I said. Gatekeeper agreed until I mentioned REDACTED. He told me we should not go down the route of dark magic. It’s dangerous for a pure soul to go that route. “I must forbid you Dovah, for the sake of the Realm”

“For the sake of the Realm” - I repeated. 

Certain things are better left unsaid - for now, he must not know. Whatever it takes…

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