Akuma Origins
March 14th, 2022
  1. First thoughts
  2. Our vision
  3. Seasonal airdrops
  4. Merchandise
  5. Physical and digital artwork
  6. Collectibles
    • Vinyl toys
    • Artbook with concept art
  7. Metaverse and beyond

The journey of a Yokai

A Yokai’ long journey begins with one step

This article will explore Akuma’s roadmap in depth. As always, we aim to be as transparent as possible about our vision and journey. Certain topics in this article will have their own detailed deep dive. Before diving into the roadmap, you can catch up about this project in our previous article by clicking here.

Our vision

While exploring the outlines of Akuma we realized there is a huge gap between the virtual and physical world. We recognize the importance of the cross-over between the two worlds and aim to bridge them together through our roadmap. Creating an art project for the community, by the community.

Seasonal airdrops

Keeping the cross-over between digital and physical items in mind, we plan to deliver seasonal airdrops for Akuma holders. Simply holding your Yokai in your wallet will give you access to the seasonal drops until you sell your NFT. These airdrops will take the form of NFTs which can be traded in for physical and/or digital goods on our website. By trading in this airdropped NFT, it will be burned forever.

Airdrops will be tied to the season it was dropped. Meaning, owning a season 1 airdrop will give you access to all season 1 items, but not the items that will drop in season 2. However, we are working on a mechanic to trade your seasonal airdrops for other seasons. We will dive deeper into this mechanic and website at a later point in time, as it deserves its own article!


With our creative director having experience in multiple fields, we wanted to combine these experiences into a physical and tangible form by creating our own merchandising. Offering quality garments and other wearables to our Akuma holders in limited quantities. Later down the road, we are aiming to release this line of merchandise into the digital world as well. Our goal is to release the first part of this merchandise as soon as possible.

Physical and digital artworks

One of our biggest focus within Akuma is delivering art of the highest quality. With that idea in mind, we plan to release physical and digital prints for holders. This includes our unique Yokai but also Mateo’s previous works. Physical prints will be released in limited quantities.


Bridging the digital and physical world together through releasing multiple high-quality collectibles. Our collectible collection will expand over time and we aim to show the prototypes as soon as we can, letting the community decide what’s next!

  • Vinyl figurine(s)
  • Artbook documenting the creating of Akuma


Releasing a carefully crafted, high-quality vinyl figure of Akuma - our devil designed by Mateo, allows us to bring the story to life! The figurines will be shipped in a custom-designed box, that will represent unique Akuma-style art. The first collectible will be released in low quantities.


Since the start of this journey, our team has been documenting every step (and misstep) along the way. Our artist, Mateo A. took great inspiration from many artbooks. It would only be a logical step to make the circle round and immortalize Akuma in its own artbook. This hardcover artbook will dive in to every aspect of the development process. A portal in to the mind of the creators that showcases early sketches, mood boards, detailed graphics interviews with creators and collaborators, and much more. A visually appealing representing the Origins of Akuma, from concept to final product.

Metaverse and beyond

These milestones carve the path to the digital world. Every Yokai is trying to find its way home, somewhere in the metaverse. This road is full of secrets, trials and goals to conquer. We aim to develop together with the development of the digital world, whether it’s called metaverse or something else, Akuma will evolve its ecosystem together with the developments of the future.

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