Lore - "For the sake of The Realm"

Dovah’s Diary - Excerpt 98

I’ve been roaming the Western Plains for a few weeks now, trying to look for Pineville. During my journey, I’ve passed many unmarked villages and hamlets but nothing quite fits the description that’s in my book. Maybe the place just does not exist anymore.

”The town rests in the shadow of an ancient tree, the only one in the Western Plains, the night sky between Sunstone and Dawnstar will guide you”

I wish the Abbot learned me how to read riddles because this ancient book never fails to make my brain hurt. Although I’m slightly starting to get the hang of it, it’s still quite frustrating. Still not sure why the Abbot gave me this spell book though…

Anyway, I think I’ll just wait for nightfall to start moving again. The locals have been nice to me, but I have to find this place. The spell that the council spoke about must be out there somewhere, and I will be the one that finds it.

Dovah’s Diary - Excerpt 678

The solution has been right here, under my nose, all along. While reflecting after midnight in my quarters, I thought about the day the Abbot sent me on this quest out in the Western Plains. One of my first real excursions for the monastery. “The night sky between Sunstone and Dawnstar will guide you”. It clicked. Dremora’s Spell could save us.

Dremora’s Spell was found in an ancient shrine, a sign of power somewhere deep in the Western Savanna. When I first discovered it I never knew what power it wielded. The Abbot and Maester told me it was magic of the unnatural kind, dark magic. It was forbidden to be used. Researching the spell learned me how vile it was. Summoning creatures only known to the Gods, that even the Gods themselves can not control. Defeated once and imprisoned by an ancient spell.

But what if, just what if, there was a way to control these creatures?

Dremora's Devil Spell
Dremora's Devil Spell


Dremora’s Devil Spell

- Todo-chi, send a raven to Gatekeeper immediately - Tell him I have used Dremora’s Devil spell to summon some aid to help defeat Akuma.

D-Dremora’s spell? You must be mistaken!? This can’t be! WHY!?

- Calm down Todo-chi…

You just cursed The Realm, this is the end of everything we know!

- Todo-chi calm down, please

W-why master, why have you done this?

- I found a way, a way to control these horned creatures. Now send a raven to Gatekeeper. We need him to take control of these creatures. They will be our allies.

Dear Gatekeeper

*For the first time since we met, we disagreed. For once our visions of peace across The Ream differ. When we discussed the use of Dremora’s Devil Spell to bring peace to The Realm you were very clear. “We can not fight fire with oil”. Well Gatekeeper, you are right. To put out an uncontrollable fire, you set off a bigger explosion next to it - it sucks away the oxygen and snuffs the flame.

Are you willing to do everything to bring back peace? I am. We got ourselves a pretty big fire, so we are going to need a huge bang.

Today, I used Dremora’s Spell to ensure peace across The Realm. I found a way to control these creatures, but I need your help and guidance.

For the sake of The Realm*

- Dovah

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