Lore - Chapter 1

The notorious travelling merchant

In a distant universe, we witness a brave species called Yokai - folk known around the universe for their skills in battle, loyalty to the shogun and their brothers and sisters in arms. The vibrant realm attracts plenty of travellers, merchants, and fortune seekers.

One of these souls is a legendary travelling merchant crafting weapons and jewellery, wielded by the bravest Yokai. During one of the merchant's travels, he was caught in a gruelling thunderstorm. Forced to seek refuge in a nearby cave, he stumbled across a huge vein of very shiny and strong ore - something never seen before. Unbeknownst to him, the ore was an ancient prison holding an evil spirit. While hastily mining the ore, he released the ancient spirit known as Akuma.

Gems containing Akuma's soul
Gems containing Akuma's soul

The quality of weapons and jewellery crafted from this ore was never seen before in the Realm. These pieces were highly sought-after artefacts by the wealthiest and bravest Yokai. Unbeknownst to them the curse that every piece held. Akuma was waiting in the shadows for the perfect moment to execute the curse.

Tiny Horns across the Realm

Ever since Akuma has been released from his Ancient prison, strange things have been happening across the Realm. Some Yokai started acting rather… odd. Reports from local enforcers state that some Yokai seem to talk to themself, or have a conversation with someone who isn’t even there. The local enforcers are on high alert, but it seems like every faction is reporting the same problems and cases increase ever so slightly each day. 

The only report that sticks out is from the Sea Tribe. A local enforcer reported odd behavior from a Yokai wreaking havoc in the port. The report states that the Yokai was talking to some kind of creature on his right shoulder. 

A future with horns
A future with horns

The delinquent was detained in REDACTED but there is no sign of its little companion, last seen on the delinquent’s shoulder.

Considering this report is from the Sea Tribe, I can only guess it’s some kind of pet sea bird. You know how these sailors like their pets, it can get lonely on an open sea sometimes. 

Anyway, there is nothing to worry about…

  • Diary entry by Gatekeeper - First Planting, day 5, Second Era
They are everywhere - can you spot them?
They are everywhere - can you spot them?
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