Post-Mortem: Discord Phishing Attack
March 2nd, 2023

On March 01, at approximately 7:00 am EST, a malicious actor gained access and control over Aliquo’s Discord.

From an URL created specifically for the phishing, was employed to allure and scam Discord members. A surprise “airdrop” was presented with the finality to compromise the ones that interact with such smart contract. Once more time, the surprise “airdrop” scam strategy was used to explore FOMO of users. We want to make things clear, that we never, at some point, bring into the community the possibility of an airdrop — even less an Aliquo-native ERC20 token.

Through our investigations, the scammer compromised our Discord not necessarily at the time the phishing attack started. We conclude it because the malicious actor waited for the exact moment that the server was without a moderator. If you don't know, Aliquo launched a few days ago, and we still have a few numbers of contributors. So, there's a window of time while one mod goes to sleep, and the other wakes up to assume. At this window of time, the phishing attack took place.

What occurred in our channel was a well-planed crime on which the bad actor let some proofs of its crime, which may be investigated further (the registrant of and its IP, the transactions that took action with the address used to allure Discord users interacting to mint USDC, and the network of other phishing addresses that the malicious actor interacted right after the attack, for example). In the end, what happened with Aliquo's Discord was nothing new. It was an attack that fits exactly with the strategy applied by a robust network of malicious actors that has scammed many protocols/projects.

It is important to note that, the smart contract of AQ1, our blockchain-based product, is fully safe — to interact and to keep the integrity of AQ1 fundamentals, and never hurt anyone that interacted with it. So the core of Aliquo is fully alive, having only 9 days on the Mainnet, and a bright future ahead.

For now, Aliquo have no Discord. If you have not done it yet, follow us on Twitter, and stay tuned on how we will align Aliquo and AQ1 again to its path to a bright future ahead.

We want to thank you, everyone, that helped us in this complex moment; thank you to Certik that helped spread the message about the phishing attack (Note: we’ve repassed proofs left by the malicious actor to them, and we hope they can contribute to giving all of you a full picture of the cyberattack, with details that we still can't reach).


  • Any launch of a possible new token will be well announced by us before launching, based on detailed information.

  • In other words: Aliquo will never ever forever never launch anything ‘‘stealth’’. Any possible future launch will be widely announced weeks in advance.

  • Please, use @aliquoxyz as the only trusted reference to know about Aliquo announcements, always.

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