Nostra Money Market Alpha: Step-by-Step Guides

After months of building, Nostra has launched the first borrowing and lending protocol on StarkNet mainnet. The Nostra Money Market Alpha is open to the public with some limitations to mitigate risk while aiming for the best performance.

Learn more about the Nostra Money Market Alpha:

Visit the link below to learn more about Nostra

1. Install Wallet
2. Bridge (Ethereum => StarkNet)
3. Use Nostra Money Market:
- Deposit
- Borrow
- Repay
- Withdraw
- Provide Feedback

1. Install Wallet

Nostra’s Money Market is launched on StarkNet mainnet, so you'll need to have either Argent X or Braavos wallet. Install and set up your wallet. Remember, you need to keep your recovery keys in a safe but accessible place.

Get Argent X:
Get Braavos:

2. Bridge

You need to bridge $ETH from Ethereum or L2 networks to StarkNet mainnet to start using the Money Market. There are two ways to bridge to StarkNet:

1. Starkgate:

This is StarkNet’s official bridge allowing users to transfer ERC20 tokens from Ethereum to StarkNet. Connect both Metamask (Ethereum) and Argent X (StarkNet mainnet), select $ETH and bridge.

2. OrbiterYou may prefer transferring tokens from other L2 networks to pay fewer gas fees. Learn more about Orbiter:

3. Use Nostra Money Market

The Nostra Money Market is permissionless and non-custodial. The App is currently in Alpha. Smart contracts are under audit and deposits are limited. Use at your own risk. Any loss of funds will not be covered by the Nostra team. Please read the disclaimer for more information.

Once your wallet is topped up with ETH, you are ready to start using the Money Market. Below is a list of actions you can take to participate in the alpha version of the app:


  • Deposit

Connect your wallet and deposit an amount of ETH or other tokens.

  • Borrow:

After depositing a token, the “borrow” tab will be enabled. Borrow an amount of any of the tokens, but be cautious about the health factor ratio. If it goes below 1, your deposit may be liquidated.

  • Adjust

You can adjust your collateral in this tab, but you must be very cautious about your health factor. Do not turn collateral off if you have debts.

  • Repay

Repay the borrowed amount from the repay tab.

  • Withdraw

After repaying your debt, you can withdraw your assets by clicking on “manage” and going to the “withdraw” tab. Do not withdraw your collateral if you still have debts.

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