Rage Trade Potential Airdrop - Arbitrum & LayerZero

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  • What is Rage?

    • Omnichain Recycled Liquidity

    • Yield Generating 80-20 Vaults

  • Airdrop?

    • Deposit and Trade

    • Deposit into the Vaults

    • Community

What is Rage?

Rage Trade is a yield and perpetual protocol built on Arbitrum and LayerZero. Rage claims to be building the most liquid, composable, and only omnichain ETH perp powered by UNI v3 with the following core features:

  • ETH perp with 10x leverage

  • Omnichain recycled liquidity

  • Yield generating 80-20 Vaults

What is Omnichain Recycled Liquidity?

Recycled liquidity allows Rage to re-use ETH+USD liquidity across chains and protocols to LP into their ETH perp.

If you LP in:

  • AMMs (Curve, Balancer, Sushi),

  • Money Markets (Aave, Rari, Euler), or

  • Derivatives (GMX, Ribbon),

then you can recycle your LP shares into Rage using our 80-20 Vaults. This allows users to earn extra yield on their LP shares. And enables Rage to unify liquidity into an omnichain ETH perp.

What are 80-20 Vaults?

Each 80-20 vault accepts a different LP position as collateral (for example, Curve Tri-Crypto). The vault recycles these LP shares to provide liquidity in Rage's ETH perp. The goal of the 80-20 vault is to earn an additional yield on your LP position while replicating the payoff of an ETH-USD LP in Uniswap v2.

The vault maintains the following distribution of assets:

  • 80% of TVL lives in a yield-generating service (Curve, GMX, Sushi etc)

  • 20% of TVL provides concentrated liquidity on Rage Trade

To attract all possible ETH+USD yield-generating assets, LPs can recycle liquidity from all Layer Zero compatible chains.


Rage Trade doesn’t have a token yet, but it’s more likely that the $RAGE token will be issued, and early users may be rewarded. Additionally, using Rage may increase your chances for both LayerZero and Arbitrum speculated airdrops (if the snapshot is not taken). How to get involved then?

1. Deposit $USDC and Trade

  • Connect your Metamask on Arbitrum and deposit some USDC to be able to trade.

  • Open long/short positions.

2. Deposit into the vaults

As of now, only one vault is available and 88% of its capacity is already filled. Deposit your Curve LP, USDC, WETH, or ETH into the vault.

3. Join the Community

Rage Trade on Alpha Drops

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