Arbitrum Airdrop Checklist (Maximize Your Chances)

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Arbitrum, developed by Offchain Labs, is a type of technology known as an optimistic rollup. This technology allows smart contracts from Ethereum to scale by sending messages between smart contracts and those in the Arbitrum second chain layer.


Arbitrum still doesn’t have its own token, so we are expecting them to create one, and early users may be rewarded once they do. Therefore, we are aiming to maximize our chances to be eligible for the speculated airdrop.

We have already discussed a lot about Arbitrum on our social channels, but the purpose of this article is to summarize the tasks one should do to maximize his/her chances for the Arbitrum airdrop.

Eligibility Checklist:

✅ Arbitrum Odyssey Campaign
✅ Discord Roles: Guild
✅ Mainnet Transactions
✅ Testnet Transactions
✅ Arbitrum Nova

1. Arbitrum Odyssey

Arbitrum recently announced a campaign named Odyssey, but the campaign was paused during the second week due to the overload on the network. The campaign is expected to resume soon since the network was successfully upgraded.

The Odyssey campaign could be one the most important factors for the expected airdrop. For more information about the campaign, visit this link.

2. Discord Roles (

Arbitrum has a number of Discord roles obtainable on Firstly, join the Arbitrum Discord server. Then join their page and obtain the following roles:

1. Arbinaut 🚀

Participate in the Enter The Odyssey Galaxy campaign

2. Treasure fam ✨

Hold at least 0.001 MAGIC
or Own a(n) Smol Brain NFT
or Own a(n) Smol Bodies NFT

Hold at least 0.001 LINK

4. GMX fam 🫐

Own a(n) Blueberry Club NFT
or Hold at least 0.001 GMX
or Hold at least 0.001 fsGLP

5. Mycelium fam ✖️

Hold at least 0.001 TCR

6. Dopex fam 💎

Own a(n) Diamond Pepes NFT
or Hold at least 0.0001 DPX
or Hold at least 0.0001 RDPX

7. Umami fam 🍔

Hold at least 0.001 UMAMI

8. Livepeer fam ▶️

Hold at least 0.001 LPT

9. JonesDAO fam 🐂

Hold at least 0.001 JONES

10. Sperax fam 🧩

Hold at least 0.01 SPA

11. HOP fam 🐇

Hold at least 0.01 HOP-LP-ETH
or Hold at least 0.01 HOP-LP-USDT
or Hold at least 0.01 HOP-LP-USDC

12. PlutusDAO fam 🕳️

Hold at least 0.001 PLS

13. Arbisquad

Have “(💙,🧡)” in your Twitter name

3. Mainnet Transactions

Making transactions on the mainnet is for sure a key factor if there are any airdrops. Though by doing the Odyssey campaign and obtaining the Discord roles, you will already have transactions on the mainnet, we may make more transactions to increase our chances.

Things you may do:

  1. Mint/trade NFTs on Stratos

  2. Use the dApps listed in this link. Most of them do not have their own tokens and are expected to do an airdrop in the future.

  3. Bridges are important, especially Arbitrum’s official bridge.

  4. Layer3: Make sure you complete the Layer3 bounties on Arbitrum Network.

4. Testnets

There are some projects still on Arbitrum testnet (e.g. Shell Protocol). See more in this link.

5. Arbitrum Nova

A few days ago, I made a thread and a Mirror post about Arbitrum Nova on Twitter. I suggest you read it. Nova is a different chain intended for social and gaming applications that require very low fees. Make some transactions, so you have some footprints there too.

This is all we can do for now. We will post more updates about Arbitrum on our Telegram and Twitter, so connect with us.

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