Vest Perpetual Trading on Arbitrum - Testnet Soon!

What is Vest?

Vest Exchange is a decentralized perpetual futures exchange being built on the Arbitrum network by Vest Labs that is going to allow users to trade a wide range of assets. Vest claims to provide permissionless trading on any asset you can think of, long-tail or illiquid.

Current exchanges struggle with high barriers for market listings and inadequate risk management, causing the loss of large amounts of money in the DeFi sector. Existing exchanges address these issues by charging high trading fees.

Vest Exchange aims to address these challenges with a technologically advanced risk engine and market-making strategies that combine logical risk measures and the micro-framework of perpetual future markets, enabling it to list fresh illiquid markets faster than other centralized or decentralized exchanges.


Vest has received seed funding from prominent investors such as Jane Street, QCP Capital, Ascendex, Big Brain Holdings, Builder Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and Robert Chen (Ottersec), as well as Pear VC, Cogitent, Moonshot Research, Fugazi Labs, and others.

Vest Exchange Backers
Vest Exchange Backers

Get Involved

Vest is in its very early stages. The dApp is not launched yet, and the community is still small. Vest gave the OG role to its first Discord members, but the role is not over. You can still join the community and stay active to get the OG and other roles.

There’s an ongoing content creation contest with $3k in prizes and will end when their Discord server reaches 5k members (currently 1.1k members). If interested, create content for any of the following categories:

📝 Article: 5 total winners
🐦 Tweet Thread: 10 total winners
🖼️ Memes: 20 total winners


Vest’s Testnet v1 is under construction and coming soon. We will post more updates about Vest on our social channels though I recommend you follow their announcements and try to get the Discord roles. The testnet v1 might be private and only active users may get priority access.

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