Phi Potential Airdrop w/ Guides

This is only a speculation, but it is likely that Phi will release its own token and do an airdrop to early users.

About Phi

Phi’s mission is to visualize on-chain identity and create an open and inclusive metaverse land system that is based on universal web3 building blocks, such as ENS domains and wallet activity.

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Phi Roadmap

Since we started Phi as a just idea in January of this year, we have won two hackathons (NFTHACK2022 & BuildQuest) and had our first demo launch on Goerli Testnet.

✅ January 2022 — Winning ENS prize at NFTHACK2022
✅ March 2022 — Winning IPFS/Filecoin & Covalent prize at BuildQuest
✅ March 2022 — Launching the 1st demo on StarkNet Goerli Testnet.( we already closed our first demo)
✅ August 2022 — Launching our 2nd demo on Mumbai Testnet. 🥳
🔲 November 2022 — Launching Phi on Polygon Mainnet
🔲 December 2022~Q1 2023 — Something Big event for our early community

What to do?

  • Firstly, add Polygon Mumbai testnet RPC to your Metamask:

  • Claim Matic faucet:

  • Change the chain to ETH Goerli and get faucet tokens

  • You need an ENS domain on either mainnet or Goerli testnet. If you do not have one, go to the ENS domain website, make sure you’ve selected Goerli chain, and get an ENS domain.

  • Or you can get an ENS sub-domain on Phi without using the Goerli testnet domain.
  • Claim as many Quests as you can.The quests available to you are based on your activities on ETH mainnet. For instance, if you have used Uniswap, you will be able to claim a Uniswap object.

  • Then go to the “Shop” > Add to cart > Purchase or claim the free objects.

  • After purchasing/claiming the objects, go to Wallet and Deposit the objects.
  • Now, click on Edit, build your land, and save it.

You are done!

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