A Guide to Exploring the Starknet Ecosystem

Starknet is a permissionless decentralized ZK-Rollup. It operates as an L2 network over Ethereum, enabling any dApp to achieve unlimited scale for its computation — without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security.

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1. Wallets
2. Bridges
3. Upcoming Projects
4. Projects on the Testnet
5. Projects on the Mainnet
6. Games
7. Resources

1. Wallets

As of now, only the following two wallets are available for Starknet. However, more wallets are expected to join the ecosystem.

Argent X

Link: https://www.argent.xyz/argent-x


Link: https://braavos.app

2. Bridges

Bridge ETH from the L1 to Starknet using one of the following bridges. For the testnet, you’ll need to acquire testnet ETH from a Goerli faucet, then bridge it to Starknet Goerli.

Official Starknet Bridge

Link: https://starkgate.starknet.io/


Orbiter is a fast bridge that supports a number of L2 networks including Starknet.
Link: https://www.orbiter.finance


LayerSwap is an innovative solution that allows users to migrate funds from CEX to L2 networks.
Link: https://www.layerswap.io

3. Upcoming Projects

Nostra Finance

Nostra is the liquidity layer of StarkNet. I will make a more detailed thread about Nostra and how to become part of La Famiglia.Link: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/nostra


StarkDefi is a permissionless and trustless hub of comprehensive Defi solutions built to leverage the Decentralized ZK-Rollup on StarkNet. In order to access the testnet, get the Citizen level 5 role by completing the crew3 quests.More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/starkdefi


zkGraph is a social graph, with limitless possibilities and uncompromised privacy.Link: https://www.zkgraph.xyz/

ZKX Protocol

ZKX is a permissionless protocol for derivatives built on StarkNet. Join Discord and follow the announcements.More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/zkx-protocol


A new DeFi protocol on StarkNet. More info to be added to the following link: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/kandra-protocol


Next-generation AMM coming soon to Starknet.More info: https://zohal.space


Decentralized Exchange on zkSync and StarkNet.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/cryptoswap

4. Projects on the Testnet


ZKEX is a bridgeless multi-chain order book DEX, secured with zero-knowledge proofs, powered by zkLink, StarkNet, and zkSync.

What to do? See this tweet:

Starknet ID

Identity and naming service for Starknet. To mint your identity and choose your .stark domain on the testnet, see the quoted tweet:


Launchpad, fundraising and community building platform on StrakNet.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/astraly-prev-zkpad


SithSwap is an AMM on StarkNet featuring stable + volatile swaps, ultra-low fees & slippage, gauged (3,3) rewards & bribes governed by veNFTs. The alpha testnet is live.
Link: https://app.sithswap.com/swap/


zkLend is an L2 money-market protocol built on StarkNet, combining zk-rollup scalability, superior transaction speed, and cost-savings with Ethereum’s security.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/zklend


Magnety is an asset management protocol allowing anyone to build, scale and monetize investment strategies using DeFi protocols included in the platform.
Testnet guides: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/magnety


Building the next generation of DeFi on StarkNet beginning with an AMM, with other DeFi products to follow.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/starkswap


Zk-native money market protocol enabling secure under-collateralized loans.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/hashstack


A decentralized, trustless and cross-chain order-book exchange for traders. They offer a unique and simple user experience with an intuitive UI including profit-loss analysis while guaranteeing simple CEX to DEX portability.
Testnet Guides: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/brine


NFT building and composition protocol. Get some briqs and build the dream. Testnet is live now.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/briq


JediSwap is a fully permissionless and composable AMM on Starknet
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/jedi-swap

5. Projects on the Mainnet


Analytics Data Hub — Find all the latest Starknet data that you are looking for.
More info: https://starkboard.io/

Mint Square

NFT marketplace on zkSync and Starknet.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/mint-square


NFT marketplace on Starknet.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/aspect-prev-playoasis

Early Starkers

A collection of 1234 Star NFTs aiming to gather the early adaptors and pioneers of StarkNet community. The collection is already sold out. Available on Mint Square and Aspect.
More info: https://www.earlystarkers.io/

10K Swap

10KSwap is a Layer 2 AMM protocol and is already live on the mainnet.
More info: https://10kswap.com/


Another AMM built on top of Starknet.
More info: https://aramz.super.site/alpha/myswap

6. Games


A decentralized game of conquest powered by StarkNet. An almost infinite territory that can be conquered through alliances and wars.
Mint a free NFT and level up by completing the quests: https://quests.eykar.org

The Ninth

The Ninth is a metaverse world built with Starkware technology. The world is truly owned by users, and land owners can generate various in-game elements and have various gameplay.
More info: https://ninth.gg

The Redline

Giant robot NFT racing and engineering on StarkNet and UE5.Deep Strategy and Drama Game.
More info: https://redline.game/

Imperium Wars

A Conquer to Earn NFT game where five empires from all over the globe will ally, betray and fight in order to reach Glory and Fortune.
More info: https://imperiumwars.xyz/

Frens Lands

On-chain world builder RTS built on StarkNet where you harvest resources and build to create your dream community.
More info: https://www.frenslands.xyz/

Dope Wars

Modular and extendable game system inspired by calculator game nostalgia.
More info: https://dopewars.gg/

7. Resources


Find all Starknet events and activities (hackathons, conferences, meetups, community calls, etc). This project is managed by the Nostra community.
Link: http://starkevents.xyz/


Explore all projects building & running on StarkNet L2. This project is managed by the Starknet community.
More info: https://www.starknet-ecosystem.com/

Some accounts to follow:



Starknet Godfather

Starknet Intern



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