Revisiting the StarkNet Ecosystem

In October 2022, I wrote a blog post about exploring the StarkNet ecosystem, which included an overview of the projects being developed on the StarkNet network. With numerous new developments having taken place since then, I have found it valuable to revisit the topic and highlight some of the significant updates and advancements.


  • Highlights

  • Mainnet Stats

  • The Ecosystem

  • Apps on the Mainnet


Numerous events have occurred since our last post about StarkNet, but let’s concentrate on the recent events concerning StarkNet and its ecosystem.

🚨Important: Upgrade Your Wallets

StarkWare has issued a final warning to OLD Argent X and @myBraavos users that HAVEN'T upgraded their account(s) you have until the END of the weekend - Sunday, April 2nd, 11:59 PM UTC - to upgrade your account(s), otherwise, you risk losing access to your account(s). HLearn how to upgrade.


StarkNet launched the first phase of its governance system, allowing the community to vote on proposed changes to the protocol. You can find the StarkNet proposals on Snapshot.

Early Adopter Grants

StarkNet announced the Early Adopter Grants (EAG) committee, a committee established by the Starknet Foundation in order to provide an early boost to the Starknet ecosystem via actual on-chain deployments. The committee was given the mandate to operate until June 30, 2023.

Builders can apply here: Applications for Round #1 of Early Adopter Grants (EAG)

zkLend’s ZENDucks

zkLend partnered with @DucksEverywher2 and @briqNFT to reward their loyal users. The most loyal and engaged users, as chosen fairly by the zkLend team based on zkLend’s values, will get their ZENDucks airdropped. Learn more here.

ZENDucks Timeline
ZENDucks Timeline

ZKX Yakuza Community Incentive Program

ZKX, a decentralized derivatives protocol on StarkNet, has launched an incentivized program called Yakuza. Learn more and participate.

ZKX Yakuza
ZKX Yakuza

ZKX Testnet

ZKX has also launched its private testnet in partnership with DegenScore which will be followed by a two-week-long public testnet (starting from 31st March) and a trading competition afterwards.


LayerSwap, a cross-chain and on-ramp protocol, has made significant improvements during the last couple of months, making the on-ramp, off-ramp, and cross-chain transfers much easier.

Hashstack Waitlist

Hashstack's Cairo 0.1 mainnet will go live soon. This mainnet will be invite-only until the Cairo regenesis. In order to get access, you can join the waitlist at


Braavos has announced Ambassador Program with different roles and levels.


StarkNet Digger compiled a list of the projects on StarkNet that have raised funds which includes Braavos ($10M), Matchbox ($7.5M), Pragma ($7M), zkLend ($5M), ZKX ($4.5M), SithSwap ($2.65M), and Carbonable ($1.2M).

Mainnet Stats

Following the Arbitrum airdrop, there was a significant surge in the movement of assets towards other Layer 2 networks such as StarkNet. This resulted in an increase in Total Value Locked (TVL) from $7M to $22M within two weeks. Note that the TVL is still very low compared to the other rollups as StarkNet is in the alpha phase.


MySwap is one of the top dApps ranked by TVL on StarkNet. Its daily volume increased from ~$100K up to ~$890K, and the TVL has surpassed $1M.


According to Orbiter Research, the top 5 dApps ranked by interactions are @mySwapxyz, @10KSwap, @JediSwap, @MintSquareNFT, and @aspectdotco. The Orbiter dashboard is unavailable at the moment, so we’re looking at the data for early March, before the surge.

Bonus: How much in fees have you spent on StarkNet?

This website shows your total transactions and gas fees spent on StarkNet.

The Ecosystem

The ecosystem has grown and numerous new apps are deployed on StarkNet. Let’s look at some of the apps that are already on the StarkNet mainnet.

dApps on the Mainnet

There are not many dApps on the mainnet as StarkNet is in the alpha phase. Currently, you can play around with the following dApps:





Discover more dApps in the StarkNet ecosystem on Dappland

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