Havah Incentivized Testnet


  • What is HAVAH?

  • Incentivized Testnet

    • Install Wallet

    • Use the Testnet (faucet, mint NFT, bridge NFT)

    • Submit Proof

What is HAVAH?

HAVAH is a platform that allows you to incorporate and utilize NFT assets from multiple networks. Through HAVAH's interchain NFT transmission protocol (INTP), users can bring their NFTs scattered across multiple chains into the HAVAH ecosystem for easier management and utilization.


1. Install Wallet

2. Use the Testnet

  1. Connect your Havah wallet

  2. Sign up for an account at https://havah.io/?PageName=signup
    You will get an email to verify your account.

  3. Go back to the testnet link and verify your email for the testnet: https://event.vega.havah.io?referral=5d7f3781

4. Request testnet tokens

5. Select and mint an NFT

6. Go to the NFT bridge

7. Select the sending and receiving chains, select the NFT, and bridge it.

8. Once the bridging is completed, go back to the testnet page and click on “Confirm”.

9. Take a screenshot of the confirmation page and submit it on Discord in the #testnet-verify channel.

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