Potential Airdrops: LayerZero



$ZRO Token!

Projects on LayerZero:

  1. USDC Bridge

  2. Aptos Bridge

  3. Liquidswap Bridge

  4. SushiXSwap

  5. Hashflow

  6. WooFi

  7. Stargate

  8. Swimmer Bridge

  9. Rage Trade

  10. Angle Protocol

  11. OmniBTC

  12. LayerZero Name Service

  13. Clearpool

  14. Radiant


An Omnichain interoperability protocol that enables the realization of Cross-Chain applications with a low level communication primitive. It's focused on connecting to all EVM chains

LayerZero enables cross-chain for Swaps, unify Liquidities, Lendins, Borrowings, Governances, States & …

Fund raised $135M
Funders: BINANCE LABS, Multicoin Capital, fantom, AVALANCHE, UNISWAP Labs, a16z, FTX Ventures, PayPal Ventures, Polygon, coinbase Ventures,Dapper Labs & …
(Checkout the full lis on LayerZero Website)

$ZRO Token!

Here is $ZRO token in LayerZero codes

Projects on LayerZero (#DYOR):

- USDC Bridge

Bridge some USDC (on Testnet)
USDC Faucet: usdcfaucet.com
Goerli Faucet: goerlifaucet.com
AVAX Faucet: faucet.avax.network

by LayerZero × CIRCLE

- Aptos Bridge

Do some Bridges (especially on Ethereum)
P.S: Bridging from Aptos to any Networks takes 3 days (72H)

by LayerZero × APTOS

- Liquidswap Bridge:

Do some Bridges (especially on Ethereum)
P.S: Bridging from Aptos to any Networks takes 3 days (72H)

by LayerZero × PONTEM Network

- SushiXSwap

Do some Cross-Chain Swaps (on xSwap)

by LayerZero × Sushi


- Hashflow

Do some Cross-Chain Swaps

- WooFi

Do some Cross-Chain Swaps

- Stargate

Do some Cross-Chain Swaps

Buy some $STG, Stake it & Vote on Snapahot
(No minimum to vote, wait for new one if finished already)

- Swimmer Bridge

Do some Do some Bridges

- Rage Trade

Trade with leverage & Use their vault

- Angle Protocol

Do some Bridges (need agEUR, you can get it from their swap)

- OmniBTC

Do some Cross-Chain Swaps (also wait for BTC Lending)

- LayerZero Name Service

Buy Domain (checkout mine ArshiaGS.lz 👀)

- Clearpool

- Radiant

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