Introducing ZKX and the Contributors Program

ZKX is a permissionless protocol for derivatives on StarkNet with a decentralized order book and unique financial instruments as swaps being built by a team with extensive experience in venture building, tech scaleups, and financial derivatives across different countries.


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Why ZKX? What makes it different?

The team identified problems in the current ecosystem such as heavy reliance on oracles, liquidity providers, and centralized listing mechanisms. ZKX offers 5 unique properties that differentiate us from others in the field:

Powered by a DAO, a Decentralized Limit Order Book (DLOB), Financial Innovation, Swap Liquidity Mining, and L2 scaling. These provide a novel architecture, trust and security, innovative funding rates, and liquidity bootstrapping mechanisms.


ZKX has raised a total of $4.5M in funding over 3 rounds from a number of well-known investors.

ZKX Testnet

The testnet is planned to be launched on March 14, 2023, with the following activities:

⭐️ Quests & Leaderboard
🪙 Access to OG level roles w/ future rewards
🖼️ NFTs

But why wait when you can already contribute and earn NFTs, roles, and other rewards?


Contributors Program

ZKX has launched the ZKX Contributors Program, which aims to offer opportunities for the community to participate in shaping the future of the ZKX protocol. The program consists of quests and bounties to encourage community building and engagement.

The program includes four levels, each with increasing rewards, and participants can access exclusive Yakuza NFTs, token rewards, and other privileges.

The final leaderboard at the end of the Contributors Incentive Program will determine OG status.

Get Started

The contributor program is now live. The first step toward this incentivized program is to join Discord and start doing the Crew3 quests.

✅ Join Discord:

✅ Complete Crew3 quests:

We will share more updates about ZKX and the contributors’ program.

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